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Cases and Customer Success Stories


Delve into our collection of success stories and see how Forte Group has enabled businesses like yours to thrive in a digital world. From pivotal projects to transformative technologies, these narratives showcase the real-world impact of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Read our success stories and be inspired to write your own.

Magnifi uses conversational AI to help its users make investment decisions

New Features and Performance Improvements for The World's First AI Investing Assistant


Forte Group Develops an Innovative Loan Origination and Point of Sale System for Interfirst Mortgage Company


Learn how Forte Group helped OppFi launch a new FinTech product to market faster, addressing business challenges and achieving remarkable outcomes in the financial services industry.

Cost savings through AWS optimization

Forte Group’s client provides high-quality, accessible healthcare services for individuals and communities across the United States, with primary, multi-specialty, and urgent care providers serving patients in traditional clinic settings, in patients’ homes, and online appointments. 


Spring launches next-gen HR platform that makes it easy to pay, insure, and support teams