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Discover how Cases Spring revolutionizes HR operations with a next-gen platform, automating complex tasks and offering expert support for teams of all sizes in the financial services industry.


AWS-powered expert HR software

Professional HR and payroll platform
Human resources management, Insurance, Finance, FinTech
Technology and Platforms:
AWS Cloud, Java Core, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS (Zuul, Eureka, Feign, etc.), Hibernate, Gradle, Docker, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, CSS Modules, Webpack, Git


There’s a lot involved in managing an organization’s operations. In addition to payroll and benefits management, HR teams are tasked with monitoring compliance, onboarding employees, keeping teams happy, and many other tasks. These complex processes can pile up, particularly for growing businesses with limited operational resources.

Spring, an HR solutions provider, sought to simplify HR and payroll processes with one seamless and easy-to-use SaaS platform. The company’s mission is to equip teams of all sizes with a tool that modernizes how HR professionals compensate, insure, and support their workforces. Now, with the successful launch of Spring, complex HR tasks are automated and easily completed in days, not weeks.



  • Spring founders approached Forte Group to develop a next-gen personalized HR solution that simplifies complex tasks and offers expert employee support.
  • Existing HR tools were difficult to use, provided a poor customer experience, and failed to make HR operations easier, resulting in an underserved target audience.
  • Spring's initial solution served several clients, but it was too complex to implement, resulting in performance issues and unhappy users.

Results achieved

  • Spring’s first clients were onboarded successfully within eight weeks after the MVP launch
  • 50+ product features and sub-features covered in the final solution
  • Accelerated time-to-market by establishing a regular biweekly release schedule regardless of business domain complexity.
  • Engaging user experience with consistent employee and compliance support
  • Consistently high software quality with an average test pass rate of 95 percent
  • Seven custom business-related service integrations for continuous, full-service, and compliant payroll and tax processing
  • Forte team designed, implemented, and tested microservices-based solution, created CICD and provisioned AWS infrastructure with observability based on Datadog APM.

    “Throughout our two years of working together, the Forte team consistently delivered high-quality software. They were one of the first development teams I’ve worked with where I wasn’t constantly worried about delivery estimates, poor quality, or extreme tech debt. They consistently hit their goals and were a true extension of our team. Forte will be the first team I’ll call when I need to extend my next development team, and they are always at the top of my list to recommend to others.”

    Brandon Passley, CEO at Spring

Business Challenges

  • Challenge the market with new accessible and easily customizable HR tools for teams of any size
  • Make UI and UX smooth, confusion-free, and feature-rich for a growing millennial demographic of workers in a manner consistent with their digital experiences
  • Provide payroll, benefits, time tracking, operational efficiency, and compliance under a single software suite

Technical Challenges

  •  Develop a new time-reporting and attendance approach, along with time-off policies for more convenient and insightful management
  • Provide functionality allowing for easy employee onboarding
  • Simplify the open-enrollment and benefits-renewal processes to reduce enrollment time and improve the employee experience
  • Enable engineers with easy access to analytics and performance monitoring to provide rapid and self-sufficient troubleshooting
  • Instill an observability-first approach to application performance monitoring 


Solution features

Introduction of a payroll flow with a state-based approach

Highly customizable features for payroll specialists

Low-level tuning of the time-off management logic for extra flexibility

Real-time tax calculations using a third-party tax engine to improve compliance and accuracy

Sophisticated “roles and permissions” management system

Modern UX/UI which allows users to perform simple management tasks quickly and intuitively

Improved and scalable built-in reporting tool to quickly explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics

The setup of a broad spectrum of benefits-management features covering health insurance, 401(k), life insurance, and more

Continuous solution infrastructure and performance monitoring

Implementation of a foundation to accommodate and support professional employer organizations (PEOs)





50 Product features and sub-features

8 Months to the MVP

7 Custom business-related service integrations

95% Average test pass rate


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