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Enhancing Product and Operations with Targeted Software Development Consulting

Software development consulting offers specialized IT guidance to enhance company operations through tailored technology solutions. Consultants analyze software needs, recommend strategies, and guide the implementation of technologies aimed at improving efficiency and achieving business goals.

This service is ideal for companies looking for unbiased external advice to optimize processes, fill technical gaps, build tech products and innovate. By providing expertise in software project execution and strategic planning, consultants help businesses streamline workflows and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to operational optimization and growth through advanced, result-oriented technology solutions.

Software development excellence fuels business performance

Research indicates that businesses achieving the greatest returns from their software investments are those that address cultural and structural barriers to enhance developer velocity:

Companies with the highest Developer Velocity Index* experienced revenue growth four to five times faster than others. These companies also had 60% higher total shareholder returns and 20% higher operating margins.

– McKinsey

* The Developer Velocity Index measures how fast and effective an organization is in developing software applications that drive business growth.


IT consulting services can help businesses save up to 30-50% on IT support costs, which can be reinvested into other areas of the business to drive growth and innovation.

– Executech

30-50% Cost savings

Leveraging technology effectively can lead to a reduction in TTM, with industrial enterprises reducing their timeline from 56 to 42 weeks, aiming for 29 weeks in the future

– Acropolium

56 to 42 weeks

Being late to market can significantly impact profits, with a product six months late to market earning 33% less profit over five years

– TCGen

33% profit

Our solutions directly impact business outcomes


Savings by cloud optimization for a Financial Services Company


Increase in user adoption for a Mortgage Lender company


Reduction of DevOps' spend for a major National Healthcare company

We build trust, from SaaS to Enterprise with 400+ Projects Delivered in Over 30 industry sectors

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What We Offer: Transform You Vision Into Tangible Software Solutions

At Forte Group, we specialize in transforming visions into tangible software solutions that drive growth and innovation. Our dual-focused offering in Software Development Consulting and Software Product Strategic Advisory is meticulously designed to navigate the complexities of creating impactful software products.

  • Tailored Consulting Solutions
  • Strategic Product Advisory
  • End-to-End Strategy Planning
  • Technological Excellence
  • Project Execution Guidance
  • Innovation and Transformation
  • Skill Gap Bridging
  • Objective Insights and Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement and Support

Tailored Consulting Solutions

Our approach begins with a deep dive into your business ecosystem to understand your challenges and objectives. We deliver bespoke consulting services, crafting strategies that are as unique as your business.

Strategic Product Advisory

From ideation to launch and beyond, we guide you through the strategic planning and execution of your software product. Our advisory services ensure your product not only meets market needs but sets new benchmarks.

End-to-End Strategy Planning

From the initial assessment to the final implementation, we guide you through every step of the software development cycle. Our strategic advisory services ensure your projects are aligned with your business goals, optimizing resources and maximizing outcomes.

Technological Excellence

We harness the latest in technology to ensure your software solutions are not just current but future-ready. Our technology optimization strategies are designed to elevate your operations and provide a competitive edge.

Project Execution Guidance

With a keen focus on execution, we not only advise but also assist in the successful rollout of strategic initiatives. Our team offers hands-on support in managing projects, ensuring timely completion and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Innovation and Transformation

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We empower your business to adopt transformative solutions that redefine your industry standards and drive significant market impact.

Skill Gap Bridging

Recognizing the importance of expertise, we offer training and development services to enhance your team’s capabilities. Our goal is to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and evolve your software solutions independently.

Objective Insights and Analysis

Make informed decisions with our objective analysis and insights. Our external perspective helps you navigate technology investments wisely, maximizing resource allocation for optimum results.

Continuous Improvement and Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond project completion. We offer continuous support and advisory services to ensure your software solutions evolve in alignment with your business growth and changing market dynamics.

Forte Group's Trio of Dedicated Partners Guarantees Success

We provide leadership through trust, technical expertise and consistent delivery


Client Partner

Client Partner

Inna Haddad

Your trusted advisor, ready to assist with any project needs


Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Lucas Hendrich

Technical oversight and governance, ensuring we are delivering the best-of-breed solution architecture


Delivery Partner

Delivery Partner

Egor Goryachkin

Guaranteeing delivery, from inception and discovery through deploying to production

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Want to learn about other Forte group’s engagement models?

No two projects are the same, so we offer flexible engagement models. Whether you need project-based consultation, dedicated teams, staff augmentation or a hybrid approach, we adapt our engagement to suit your requirements.

Scaled Engineering

Scaled Engineering

We provide the top engineering talent at scale

Managed Engineering

Managed Engineering

We provide engineering as a service

Managed product

Managed Product

We provide business results through end-to-end product development

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

We provide software development consulting and product strategic advisory

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Our Launch Process is Swift and Simple

Our Launch Process is Swift and Simple


Book a Meeting

Let us know about your project and goals


Assess your Needs

We collaborate to define your requierements and forge a custom plan


Plan your Project

Get a detailed roadmap and architecture from our discovery workshops



We're ready to kick off your project in only 2-4 weeks

Tech Stack That Matters

Software Development Consulting and Product Strategic Advisory Benefits

  • Expert Guidance and Specialized Knowledge
  • Customized Solutions
  • Enhanced Project Delivery Times
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Increased Scalability and Flexibility
  • Mitigation of Project Development Risks
  • Reduced Time to Market

Expert Guidance and Specialized Knowledge

Software development consultants offer crucial advice and expertise, aiding businesses in validating ideas and spotting potential issues early on.

Customized Solutions

Consultants develop tailored solutions that align with specific business goals, offering personalized user experiences and increasing customer engagement and business efficiency.

Enhanced Project Delivery Times

Consulting services speed up project delivery by guiding teams with best practices and support, and by providing extra resources to hasten development.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Software consulting firms cut overheads and manage budgets, offering specialized expertise without in-house costs, enabling quicker and more efficient growth.

Quality Assurance

Consulting guarantees the high-quality of software with fewer errors and quick issue identification, preventing delays for reliable software that meets your needs.

Increased Scalability and Flexibility

Consulting services allow businesses to scale up or down based on needs, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing budget and personnel, especially when dealing with varying workloads

Mitigation of Project Development Risks

Expert teams in software development consultancy are equipped to manage potential challenges, ensuring a smoother and more secure project journey, which can lead to enhanced competitive advantage and improved customer satisfaction

Reduced Time to Market

By streamlining the development process and providing hands-on training on technology or software usage, consultants can significantly reduce the time to market for products and services

Why Forte Group


2.5 years is the average period of partnership


+30% acceleration in time-to-market


25+ years of experience delivering quality engineering


Flexible engagement models with deep technical expertise


Offshore and Nearshore teams of highly-skilled professionals based in Eastern Europe and Latin America


Product development and performance framework that guarantee business outcomes


900+ technology experts in 10 locations worldwide

18h icon-3

18-hour workday spanning 11 timezones


400+ clients engaged


3 months to Full velocity of first scrum team only


98 % of our clients: «Forte Group is easy to work with»


50% Savings by cloud optimization


27% Engineering & Product OPEX reduction 


47% Reduction of DevOps 


new revenue streams to market

Customer Success Stories

Learn more from our customers’ case studies on industry experience and solving software development challenges

Lawyer Exchange

Custom app disrupts legal services hiring in just 6 months

VDR company accelerates delivery

A leader in risk and compliance solutions shifts to world-class engineering practices


Loan origination system by Forte Group for Interfirst Mortgage Company results in cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

Common Questions & Answers

How to choose the right software consulting partner for my project?

Choosing the right software consulting partner involves assessing their expertise and experience relevant to your project, verifying their reputation through client testimonials and references, and ensuring their strategic objectives align with your business goals. Effective communication, flexibility, and a collaborative approach are crucial for adapting to project evolutions. Evaluate their commitment to data security, compliance with industry standards, and the transparency of their cost structure. Additionally, consider the potential for a good cultural fit and the availability of reliable post-deployment support. By focusing on these key areas, you can select a partner that not only possesses the technical skills needed but also aligns with your project's broader objectives, ensuring a successful collaboration.

What is the difference between Software Development Consulting and Product Consulting?

Software Development Consulting primarily focuses on the technical aspects of building software, including architecture, technology stack selection, coding practices, and quality assurance, aiming to optimize the development process and ensure technical excellence. On the other hand, Product Consulting takes a broader view, concentrating on the product's market fit, user experience, business strategy, and overall product lifecycle management. While Software Development Consulting dives deep into the how-to of creating the software, Product Consulting addresses what to build and why, ensuring the product meets the end-users' needs and achieves business goals. Both disciplines are crucial but serve different purposes in the journey of bringing a successful software product to market.

How important is the industrial expertise of a consulting service provider?

The industrial expertise of a software development and product consulting service provider is crucial, as it equips the consultants with a nuanced understanding of the sector-specific challenges, trends, and customer expectations. This depth of knowledge enables the provision of tailored advice, strategic insights, and practical solutions that are highly relevant and immediately applicable to the client's unique business context. Such expertise not only streamlines the development process but also ensures the creation of software products that are well-aligned with market demands and regulatory requirements, significantly increasing the likelihood of the product's success in the competitive marketplace.

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