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How Forte Group helped OppFi launch a new FinTech product, addressing business challenges and achieving remarkable outcomes in financial services.


Financial technology platform

Banking, Finance, FinTech


Technology and Platforms:
JIRA/Confluence, Harness, Microsoft, Visual Studio, AWS, C#, PostgreSQL, .NET Core 6


OppFi is a leading financial technology platform that empowers banks to help their customers have better access to credit.

OppFi’s platform facilitates the installment loan products, OppLoans and SalaryTap. Plus, a credit card product, OppFi Card, issued by First Electronic Bank, member FDIC.

OppFi maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a 4.8/5 star rating with more than 14,000 online customer reviews, making it one of the top customer-rated financial platforms online.


  • OppFi wanted to build an intuitive tool that helps people access credit, enable savings, and build wealth.
  • The focus was on expanding products and services to existing and new customers by adding a credit card offering.
  • OppFi reached out to Forte as a software development partner to help design and develop this new offering.

Results achieved

  • Forte introduced story mapping to future releases to facilitate better coordination between business stakeholders and the delivery team, using Stories on Board software.
  • Over several months, the OppFi and Forte teams built a product integrated with its database and AWS services.
  • React best coding practices accelerated new developments in robust, reliable, and maintainable software. Well-defined agile practices brought transparency to velocity and delivered value.

    “Forte Group helped us realize our needs within DevOps. For example, anytime we needed help because our internal team was too busy on other projects, Forte would come to me with recommendations and figure out a way to make things work more smoothly. Overall, the quality of the delivered software was strong and the team was technically solid.”

    Yuri Ter-Saakyants, CTO at OppFi

Business Challenges

  • Rapidly launch a new financial product (credit card), to bring in new customers
  • Comply with varying regulations across regions
  • Accelerate time-to-market

Featured-based  Challenges

  • A quick way to assess the customer
  • Check user eligibility for a credit card running, credit status, and fraud checks
  • Synchronize customer information with marketing tools to create email campaigns
  • Offer a way to accept or deny leads from business partners
  • Allow easy deployment and version control
  • Custom workflow functionality based on a distributed architecture

 Solution features 

A quick way to assess customer eligibility.

Synchronization of user information to create more personalized messaging for customers.

Measurement of the effectiveness of the direct-mail campaign and the interest of potential customers.

Accepting or denying leads from business partners using automation.

A quick way to offer different products to a potential customer, allowing for A/B testing.

Creating a full decision engine to assess if customer lending options.

Creating a simple console tool for admins that allows for the configuration of various products.




100% On-time delivery


70% Unit test coverage


400% Velocity improvement on DevOps tasks


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