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We Uplift and Simplify Performance Testing

At Forte Group we make complex load testing easy with OctoPerf’s cloud-based and on-premise load testing platform.

Leverage Forte Group’s Turnkey Performance Test Offering

To deliver an efficient solution, Forte Group partners with OctoPerf, a load testing platform that helps us ensure the performance of our clients’ business critical systems.

We enable organizations to ensure their applications can meet the demands of their business by maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.

Our turnkey offering combines our deep performance testing expertise with OctoPerf’s powerful load testing platform to provide the following powerful capabilities:

  • Achieve production level loads into the millions of concurrent users
  • Distribute load geographically
  • Test your entire infrastructure
  • Gain powerful insights into application performance and end-user experience
Testing Methodology

OctoPerf is a comprehensive load testing platform to address our clients’ performance testing needs


On-Premise Testing

Host your own load testing infrastructure and configure as many load generators as required. OctoPerf provides easy setup and configuration with all components available as Docker images. Load generators can be added and removed as necessary to control your infrastructure costs


Cloud Integration + Distributed Testing

Use cloud resources for large-scale tests, mimicking real-world scenarios and traffic use from multiple geographic locations. This provides you with a more accurate assessment of end user experience across locations.


Monitoring and Analysis

Get real-time performance monitoring and in-depth analysis to identify bottlenecks and improvements. Our solution supports monitoring a variety of web and application servers, databases and operating systems; while the External Reporting feature allows organizations to integrate metrics into their own monitoring or observability stack.

Forte Group + OctoPerf capabilities


Ability to build continuous performance testing into any CI/CD pipeline.


Maximum efficiency and cost savings thanks to OctoPerf’s flexible licensing options.


Scalability of up to 1M concurrent users on a Cloud-based load testing infrastructure.


Thorough and detailed analysis through APM and observability integrations.


Live External Reporting allows for real-time viewing of OctoPerf load test data in your organization's monitoring solutions.

Our tried-and-true strategy tailored to your needs

Our tried-and-true strategy tailored to your needs

Turnkey Implementation

We design, build, execute and analyze a performance test that is specific to your unique environment and user/load profile.

Testing Methodology

Based on industry-proven methodologies, we help you identify performance test objectives and create a detailed Performance Test plan based on real-world application usage.

Expertise and Tooling

We use our expertise and a tool-agnostic approach to create automated load testing scripts to simulate real-world scenarios, monitor performance and provide insights and recommendations.

Turnkey Implementation


Why performance testing maximizes your success

OctoperfIcons_Deployment Deployment Assurance

Increase confidence of success when deploying new application code, new software, and/or new hardware configurations; Determine whether the application satisfies performance requirements

OctoperfIcons_PerformanceOptimization Performance Optimization

Locate and remove application bottlenecks; Validate vendor SLAs; Test architecture decisions

OctoperfIcons_Efficiency&Stability Efficiency and Stability

Measure stability under peak traffic events; Increase revenue by ensuring an optimal user experience; Save money by increasing application or infrastructure efficiency and decreasing resource requirements

OctoperfIcons_Scalability&Reliability Scalability and Reliability

Understand system performance and scalability characteristics to facilitate capacity planning; Test cloud elasticity and auto-scaling events; Test failover or other special scenarios to ensure system reliability in harsh or chaotic conditions


Customer Success Stories

Learn more from our customers’ case studies on industrial experience and solving software development challenges

Performance Testing for a Global Life Sciences Company

Customized Performance Testing solutions across diverse applications tailored to the Client's business needs

Performance Testing for a Global Telecommunications Company

Forte's team of performance testing experts handled ongoing performance testing from requirements through analysis including overall strategy and approach.

Implementing Performance Testing as a Service

Providing a turnkey performance testing function to accompany ongoing development efforts