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Tackling Cloud Cost Through Optimization: $1.5 Million Saving Strategy

Tackling Cloud Cost Through Optimization: $1.5 Million Saving Strategy

Understanding the Cloud cost conundrum

The cloud has become a go-to solution for its rapid implementation and adaptability. However, this swift adoption has given rise to a pressing issue: the surge in cloud-related expenditures. While organizations initially embraced the cloud for its agility and scalability, the current landscape demands a critical evaluation of these mounting costs.

Before delving into strategies, it’s essential to comprehend the factors contributing to cloud cost complexities. The pay-as-you-go model, while offering flexibility, can result in unpredictable expenses. Moreover, 
rapid adoption of cloud services, coupled with suboptimal resource allocation, often leads to inflated bills. This demands a proactive approach to cost management and cloud usage optimization rather than reacting to financial surprises.

Cloud cost control: Crafting a cost-Saving strategy

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Perform a comprehensive Cloud assessment

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of our clients’ cloud environment. We identify idle resources, overprovisioned instances, and areas where optimization is possible. We use cloud cost optimization tools and analytics dashboards to gather insights into usage patterns that allow informed decision-making.

Implement automation

Automation is a powerful ally in the quest for cost savings. By automating routine tasks, scaling resources based on demand, and optimizing workflows, organizations can achieve operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention. Automation not only enhances productivity but also ensures resources are allocated judiciously.

Rightsize resources

Rightsizing involves matching cloud resources to actual requirements. Often, instances are provisioned with excess capacity, leading to unnecessary costs. We regularly evaluate our clients’ workload needs and adjust resource allocations accordingly. This ensures optimal performance without paying for unused capacity.

Introduce Cloud cost monitoring and governance

Implementing robust monitoring and governance practices allows us to keep a vigilant eye on our clients’ cloud environment. We establish policies for resource usage, enforce tagging standards, and continuously monitor performance metrics. This proactive approach empowers organizations to identify anomalies swiftly and take corrective action.

Promote continuous optimization

Cloud environments are dynamic, and so should be optimization efforts. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, regularly revisiting and refining your cost-saving strategies. This iterative approach ensures that our clients’ cloud infrastructure stays aligned with their evolving business needs.

«Balancing the desire for efficiency with the need for cost-effectiveness is where Forte’s expertise shines. We specialize in cloud cost management: we craft strategic approaches to address the challenge of rising cloud expenses, providing a customized strategy to optimize resource usage without compromising performance.»


How Forte is helping clients save $1M+ a year

As cloud costs continue to rise and organizations inevitably turn to these solutions, the pressure is on to reduce spending. We know how to do it, and we are here to help.

One of Forte’s recent clients from the healthcare industry is already experiencing $120,000 monthly savings, with a prediction of over 1.5 million dollar savings for 2024.

Our team managed to steer the organization toward financial efficiency by optimizing misconfigured instances, implementing proper data retention policies, and instilling governance.

  • The client uses many AWS services extensively to support its core business applications, which resulted in a very high expenditure.
  • Forte conducted an initial Discovery process to understand the current utilization of the AWS cloud, define the big pain points and major opportunities to save costs and define the strategy to achieve the cost optimization goals.
  • The team defined and implemented proper data retention policies.
  • Every instance was analyzed, and utilization metrics were collected to determine which ones were oversized and define the right size to be used.
  • Finally, the team deleted unnecessary and unused resources, such as EC2 instances, Snapshots, Load Balancers, Elastic IP addresses, etc.


Ready to discover Cloud cost optimization benefits?

Cloud spend management demands a proactive and adaptive strategy. By understanding the intricacies of your cloud environment, embracing automation, rightsizing resources, and leveraging cost-saving programs, businesses can navigate the complexities of cloud costs effectively. Forte´s proven approach to cloud spend optimization is your path to cost-effective cloud management.


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