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Cases and Customer Success Stories


Delve into our collection of success stories and see how Forte Group has enabled businesses like yours to thrive in a digital world. From pivotal projects to transformative technologies, these narratives showcase the real-world impact of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Read our success stories and be inspired to write your own.

Ovation Medical

Medical supply distributor launches purchasing portal in less than 30 days, becoming Salesforce B2B Commerce trailblazer

PTI Security Systems streamlines business processes with B2B Commerce

PTI Security Systems works with Forte Group to streamline processes through a B2B Commerce solution, enhancing customer experience and data synchronization

First Call Parts optimizes medical parts replacement with Salesforce & Forte Group

First Call Parts works with Forte Group to optimize medical parts replacement using Salesforce, enhancing customer experience and streamlining operations.

Upland Software makes it easy to provide product training to customers

Upland Software partnered with Forte Group to enhance customer experience and streamline internal operations through Salesforce Commerce implementation.