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Upland Software makes it easier to provide customers with product training

Upland Software helps global organizations accelerate digital transformation and solve for unique business challenges found within the enterprise with a powerful cloud software library of 30+ specialized products.

Upland Software makes it easier to provide customers with product training
Upland Software makes it easier to provide customers with product training

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Challenges & Goals

As a company that has products for and broad experience with Salesforce, Upland needed an implementation partner who can:

  • Offer exceptional knowledge of the Salesforce platform,
  • Ensure seamless integration of the new B2B Commerce storefront with Upland’s complex IT ecosystem,
  • Meet the high project management, communication, and knowledge transfer standards.

Upland was aiming to:

Enhance customer experience by setting up an online storefront for customers to purchase training courses and to complete and pay for their renewals

Streamline internal operations for order
and payment processing



Upland partnered with Forte for Salesforce Commerce implementation in this project. Working together, our teams built a brand-new B2B storefront where customers can purchase training courses for select Upland products.

Key features

  • Tailored registration flows for different customer groups.
  • Personalized catalogs based on products purchased by a customer.
  • Viewing, requesting changes, and paying quotes for product training.
  • Automated tax calculation with Avalara.
  • Credit card processing and payment routing with Stripe.
  • Complex logic for internal order processing.


“The Forte team is always on top of things and are genuine experts in building an e-commerce platform. I am impressed by the quality and reliability of their work. Their knowledge and talent have far exceeded my expectations.”

Varun Swarup Mathur

Director, Business Systems Analysis, Upland Software

Integration with existing IT systems

The store is flawlessly connected to a complex ecosystem incl. Salesforce (Sales Cloud, CPQ) and non-Salesforce apps, and supports Upland’s existing business processes.

Detailed knowledge transfer

Forte provided a broad-scope knowledge transfer for Upland team to ensure a confident understanding of how to manage the storefront and how it is built from a technical standpoint.

What we did

Forte set up a B2B Commerce portal for Upland where their corporate customers can find and pay for product-specific training services.

Powered by


Launched in


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Upland Software


Third-party products

  • NetSuite ERP
  • Avalara
  • Stripe
  • Commerce Cloud – B2B Commerce
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • CPQ


In just six months’ time, we’ve launched the new B2B Commerce portal where Upland customers can purchase training courses for select products. The storefront integrates seamlessly with business management and finance systems, making it easy to handle order and payment processing. The collaboration goes on, Upland uses our post-launch support service to add updates and enhancements to the system.

Delivered in 6 months

Improved access to product training
for customers

Reduced efforts for order processing

Seamless integration with complex
IT ecosystem

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