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US-based golf software provider

Leading golf course software provider sets a course for digital transformation, followed by a successful acquisition by world's known Media Group

US-based golf software provider
US-based golf software provider

US-based golf software provider
Hospitality and Leisure
Technology and Platforms:
.NET, PHP, Ruby, Angular, ReactNative, WinForms, MS SQL, MongoDB, SSRS, Apache Cordova (cross-platform)


Golf is a social sport that offers an escape from the day-to-day routine. Its challenge is often a life-long quest for self-improvement.
Our client, a leading golf course management software provider, helps golf course operators digitize their booking processes, dynamically price their inventory, and ultimately increase revenue. Golfers experience a better, easier way to the sport and courses they love.

Upon collaborating with Forte Group, the company’s signature product, a full-fledged golf course management suite, required major improvements for a better market position and wider reach. The goal was to push the envelope of GolfNow’s service offerings to allow its customers to focus on improving their golf experience through the power of data, analytics, and marketing capabilities.


The main catalyst for change was the need to revamp an outdated platform and make it easier to fine-tune the platform with new features.

  • The company sought to increase velocity and improve the quality of its solutions and subproducts:
  • Tee sheets (reservation system),
  • Point-of-sale (POS) platforms,
  • Marketing tools,
  • Tee time distribution site,

By establishing a software engineering partnership with Forte Group, the golf software provider expanded its delivery team while staying within budget and enhancing its platform.

Solution highlights

A tech stack upgrade and
a web application for the EZSuite SaaS system
. The team used an advanced tech stack to redesign a golf course management system to enable smooth functioning of facility, inventory reservations, and employee time tracking.

Major updates for EZTee.
Forte team converted EZTee, a customer-facing tee sheets booking system, to an up-to-date PHP tech stack, taking full QA ownership. This enabled a more reliable platform by decreasing downtime and maintenance.

Updated EZEngage marketing suite
allowed golf courses/clubs to build and host their websites, launch targeted email campaigns, add features like dynamic pricing and promo codes. Using these options company’s clients increased their brand awareness and revenue.

A cross-platform TeeOff app.
Allowed golfers to find and book next rounds, input and track stats, as well as receive exclusive offers both on web and on mobile.

A relaunch for EZGolf, an all-in-one mobile app for EZSuite.
The app supports white-labeling and covers reservations, scoring, notifications, social platform integrations, and tournament management.

Results achieved

  • Forte Group cross-functional teams have seamlessly integrated with the GolfNow key stakeholders. They outlined the scope and developed a product roadmap.
  • Our team updated the tools across all products and re-engineered the legacy code from a third-party vendor, providing support on all development stages.
  • Initially, Forte Group focused on tactical software development and testing efforts, later expanding its role to platform improvement and thought leadership.


  • The result is a faster modern platform that features a better golfing experience for everyone.
  • Now that the platform is much more flexible, a new tech stack facilitates improvements and integrations, empowering golf software provider customers to achieve impressive results.
  • The company platform is now more stable in terms of performance, thanks to Forte Group’s rigorous QA and testing.
  • Diligent software adaptation of company products and services allowed for successful market expansion to the UK region.
  • Through a major legacy turnover and QA implementation orchestrated by Forte Group, the company garnered the attention of the world's known Media Group. Later, the media company expanded its digital portfolio by acquiring our client.

Golfnow in numbers

36% revenue increase from the clients' websites


3+M people around the world using the company app


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