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Real-time data visibility and predictive analytics with SpheraCloud's risk management platform, transforming operational excellence for businesses.


A cloud-based risk management platform


Technology and Platforms:
Microsoft Azure Cloud

For more than 30 years, Sphera has been committed to creating a safer, more sustainable, and productive world by advancing operational excellence. As the largest global provider of integrated risk management software, the company helps businesses make sense of their operational data. Its products offer an integrated view of risk and compliance data that can be used to reduce operational risk and improve environmental performance.

With real-time data, companies can create plans and processes that promote worker safety and well-being, resulting in happier employees, reduced downtime, and improved operational maturity. Sphera’s solutions allowed customers to capture data via a flexible interface, which meant that one customer’s data fields would not necessarily match another customer’s data fields.


  • In 2017, the company unveiled its cloud-based platform, SpheraCloud, to complement its robust on-premise solutions.
  • By moving to the cloud, Sphera was to integrate critical customer data being gathered across its cloud-based platform and enhance the predictive and prescriptive analytics, reporting, and data availability for real-time customer needs.
  • Aggregating 15 years of non-uniform data in a manner that was most beneficial to its clients presented quite a challenge. To deliver results quickly, Sphera approached Forte Group.
  •  Ensure GDPR compliance for the customers who need it
  • Provide all-encompassing data visibility

Featured-based  Challenges

  • Be able to use aggregate and standardize complete, real-world data to test the solution’s algorithms as soon as possible
  • Identify the necessary features and data attributes for analytics
  • Build the mapping interface to accommodate any variable data structures

    “SpheraCloud is not something we would’ve gotten done without Forte. If we’d tried to do it internally, it wouldn’t have worked out because we wouldn’t have been able to focus on it, given all the things we’re doing. If we’d brought in another vendor, the deliverable would’ve had to have been too concrete. We needed someone to own the project and execute.”

    Perry Marchant, Chief Technology Officer

 Solution features  

  • Forte assembled a senior-level, on-site product team to get the project started at breakneck speed and delivered the solution under a tight deadline.
  • Customers are now able to access real-time data that can be used to create customizable reports and predictive analytics for operational performance, industry benchmarking, and planning and decision-making.
  • For the convenience of the European customers who are subject to GDPR laws, Forte team included special features to anonymize and pseudonymize personally identifiable information.
  • Now SpheraCloud empowers multinational companies to handle risky situations report incidents, assess and manage risk, and have visibility.
  • Forte was able to map 15 years of relevant data from Sphera’s solutions and aggregate it in a uniform format that could be used to create robust analytics and reports in its SpheraCloud platform.
  • The interface allows ongoing scheduled data transfer to a unified format for all customers who agreed to participate in the analytics program.


Custom solution in 4 months


Guaranteed, predictable delivery


Measurable value achieved in 9 sprints





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