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PCCS leverages Salesforce B2B Commerce to scale their digital storefront

PCCS scales their digital storefront with Salesforce B2B Commerce, consolidating sales data, enhancing marketing efforts and offering an eCommerce solution

PCCS leverages Salesforce B2B Commerce to scale their digital storefront
PCCS leverages Salesforce B2B Commerce to scale their digital storefront

Port City Contracting Services


PCCS was previously selling some products through a WordPress-based storefront and eBay. However, this solution no longer corresponded with their current business needs.


The company also recognized the importance of marketing and required a system in place to support their marketing efforts.

PCCS captured the advantages of creating a Salesforce-based B2B storefront, which could help them:


  • increase the number of products available at the web store
  • consolidate and manage all sales data in one system
  • enable B2B marketing capabilities


PCCS partnered with Forte Group to create a stunning eCommerce storefront (enabled by Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience) with all the functionality needed to handle B2B online sales.

Key features

Robust storefront.

It includes all key features like product listing and detail pages, one-page checkout, account management, and enhanced UI design.

Marketing automation.
Pardot-enabled features, such as website tracking which provides insight into customer behavior on the storefront.

Comprehensive admin guide.
A detailed guide for the B2B Commerce solution so that the client can make adjustments to nearly every aspect of the storefront.

Data consolidation.

The customer data is saved in Sales Cloud and can be leveraged for marketing activities being run via Pardot.


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