PTI Security Systems streamlines its business processes with B2B Commerce Forte Group

PTI Security Systems streamlines its business processes with B2B Commerce

PTI Security Systems is a global provider of self-storage access control and security solutions with more than 40,000 installations of PTI products in self-storage facilities in more than 30 countries.


PTI Security Systems




Scottsdale, Ariz

Technology and platforms

Commerce Cloud - B2B Commerce, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, Salesforce CRM


PTI was using Salesforce CRM with a lot of custom functionality to manage their specific business processes. Additionally, Salesforce CRM was integrated with NetSuite ERP for customer, order, payment, and invoice management. Finally, the sync between PTI's Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP was supported by two different software vendors.

PTI needed a partner that could implement a modern B2B online store and integrate it with it’s existing IT systems so that their core business processes remain synchronized.


PTI partnered with Forte Group to create a brand new e-commerce solution (enabled by B2B Commerce) that streamlines the purchase process and enables useful self-service options for their customers.

We worked closely with software vendors responsible for the Salesforce CRM / NetSuite ERP sync. The new B2B Commerce solution fully integrates with PTI’s existing data infrastructure to maintain efficient internal business flows.

Solution highlights

  • Customer and order data sync Ability to place an order in a B2B Commerce store and pay by credit card

  • Shipping Automatic shipping cost calculation (through integration with UPS)

  • Backorders Customers can order currently unavailable products

  • Invoices Invoices are available on the web store, customers can view or download them

Integration with the existing Salesforce and NetSuite synchronization

After an order is placed in the store:

  • An opportunity and a quote are created on the Salesforce CRM side

  • A credit card token (via integration with Cyber Source) is sent to the ERP

What we did

In 2021, Forte created a new B2B Commerce store powered by Salesforce integrations that integrates seamlessly with existing business systems and improves ordering, buying, and self-service experience for PTI customers.

Third-party integrations include:

NetSuite | ERP

CyberSource | payment processing

UPS | shipping cost calculator


PTI now has a sleek, easy-to-use B2B storefront that provides a frictionless buying experience and smoothly integrates into the data sync between Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP. See for yourself in the PTI store demo!

Effective data sync architecture

Enhanced self-service

Improved customer experience

Reduced sales reps’ efforts