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Vera Kimmi

Vice President, Sales

Vera is empowered by developing strategic relationships that help companies grow. She believes that we all learn from sharing each other’s stories and that a good leader is someone who leads by example.

Vera Kimmi Vice President of Sales at Forte Group

Exploring new things and connecting the dots is her passion. At Forte Group, Vera collaborates with technology and business leaders to find the right mix of engineering talent and software solutions that achieve valuable outcomes. She connects people with teams, teams with projects, and creates a positive impact through her ability to inspire others and grow relationships.

Since joining Forte Group ten years ago, Vera has helped establish a foundation for success. Vera was instrumental in launching Forte Knowledge, a specialized IT training organization that helps people build valuable technology skills. Vera holds a M.A. in English and German from Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in Russia. She enjoys supporting causes that allow people to grow, connect and have a voice and is a passionate traveler who loves engaging with local communities around the world.


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