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John T. Miniati

Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, John defines a shared vision that is compelling, unambiguous, and measurable — and he sets our product teams up for success to realize this vision. He abides by the principle that with software, everything is possible. John strives to bring out the potential in individuals and teams so that the possible becomes real and the reality becomes better. He observes what individuals do and asks questions that challenge them to learn and deliver the highest-quality outcomes for the team and customers.


John T. Miniati

To date, John has uncovered a range of innovations and multiple business opportunities and has paved the way for new revenue streams, collectively worth $500 million. The most notable ones include a $100 million “economy” business opportunity for two multibillion-dollar retailers, the “Factory Express” innovation for the Hewlett-Packard enterprise, and three mobile patents now owned by Google. 

John holds a bachelor’s degree in operations engineering from Cornell University and a dual master’s degree in business administration and engineering management from Northwestern University.


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