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Glenn Eckstein

Director of Practice Engineering, Global Solutions and Services

Glenn strives to be a force multiplier so that technology organizations can focus on value delivery. He does this every day by working with development teams to increase their maturity. Glenn believes that by maturing its technical capabilities, an organization will be able to deliver value faster to its customers.

Glenn Eckstein Director of Practice Engineering at Forte Group

Glenn is instrumental in helping organizations scale digital transformation. His career milestones include creating, managing, and delivering the backlog for an internal enterprise platform framework. He has also implemented a continuous engineering maturity model, allowing for the quantitative management of technical agility. He also helped create a new custom enterprise CRM web application as a centralized portal for all employees to track business processes.

Glenn holds a master’s degree in software engineering from DePaul University. Glenn considers himself a “true nerd at heart.” When he isn’t learning the latest programming languages, he enjoys spending time with his kids.


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