Alla Lotovska | Forte Group

Alla Lotovska

HR Director

Alla ensures that the employee experience at Forte Group is on the highest level possible. She’s responsible for the best people practices and the introduction of people management culture. Having a substantial HR background in various international IT companies, Alla is an expert in implementing people practices in the best suitable way for an organization. She works on the accumulation, development, and retention of the talented people inside Forte. Alla ensures that working at Forte is a special experience for every employee.


Alla curates the practice of providing employees support during their whole cycle of work in Forte. Alla manages a smooth onboarding and integration into the company, including goals clarification, evaluation through performance reviews, risk management, and mitigation. Her line of work also involves managing employee retention, moderating employee communication channels and topics, and supporting employee engagement and satisfaction.

With exceptional and proven experience in people management, Alla is no stranger to psychology. She spends a lot of time networking, and calls photography her most prominent hobby among others



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Employee engagement

Employee retention

Project management

Performance review

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