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Forte Connect #2: How are you doing? Assessing a spectrum of business forecasts

“How are you doing?”

It’s a question many of us have asked and been asked throughout this quarantine. It’s a simple way of reaching out to connect with those we care about.

This week on “Forte Connect,” we ask the same question to you. How are you doing? How are you navigating a remote working environment? How has it changed your day-to-day priorities? In this episode, I’m joined by my colleagues C.J. Montano, Partner and Managing Director, and Kiersten Lyng, Senior Account Executive, to discuss how to approach the varying spectrums of business forecasts.

C.J. and Kiersten share their assessment of the different challenges organizations face, how to tackle those challenges, and how they vary depending on the industry. We also discuss how to stay positive, be flexible, and empathize with others. Plus, you’ll hear about our (sometimes desperate)  snack habits during social distancing.

Watch our full conversation:

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Steve Brown

by Steve Brown

Steve is a writer and editor who works with Forte Group’s practice leads to share our insights on best practices, tips, and trends in software design and development.

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