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Oracle ATG E-Commerce Software Development For Healthcare Supplier



In fact, the truth of retail business emerges in performing complex digital processes in a simple and transparent way for the end user. Following this conception, Forte Group provided Oracle ATG development services for one of the world’s leading suppliers of resources, materials, and equipment for professionals in health and science industry and biological laboratories in educational institutions and research centers.

The Client contacted Forte Group with a request to implement an online web store where its customers could get training, find and buy necessary biological materials. With countless clients around the world, the goal of this project was not only to maintain existing clientele but also cover new regions and attract new customers.

Business Goals And Objectives

  • Develop multifunctional online web store

  • Design B2B and B2C e-commerce solution

  • Improve promotion abilities

  • Integrate digital and paper catalogs

  • Increase number of sales


Forte Group developed a multifunctional website to serve customers around the world and assist them in the process of selection and procurement of materials, checkout, packaging and shipping. We selected Oracle ATG Web Commerce system as a platform to build a B2B and B2C e-commerce solution.

  • convenient search with several filters to help customers find items faster

  • advanced product catalog where all products are presented by categories

  • product page with descriptions, buyer ratings and products usually bought together

  • targeted promotion tool that exhibits different banners and ads depending on a catalog category and information collected about a user

  • online payment integration with multiple payment systems to facilitate international sales shipping and delivery tracking

  • live chat

As one of the ways to integrate digital and paper catalogs, the Forte e-commerce team implemented a Quick Order tool that allowed entering the catalog product ID number on the website in order to locate the required item quickly and painlessly. The same tool can be used effectively for recurring orders.


The launch of a new website with an online store spurred the growth of international and domestic sales. The Quick Order tool gained popularity and helped increase the average order price and a newly developed academic section for teachers and professors contributed to the company’s ratings among its customers.

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