Svetlana Dovidovich | CFO and Business Mgmt Officer | Forte Group

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Svetlana Dovidovich

Svetlana Dovidovich

Chief Financial and Business Management Officer

Svetlana works with leadership teams across all Forte Group offices to solve various challenges and help Forte’s international businesses to grow and succeed. She believes that every person has their own unique talents and ideas that can be shared with the rest of the company. She loves inspiring people to enable change and growth through creativity, passion, and dedication.

Svetlana joined Forte when it was only a 40-person company. The company’s international expansion over the years has taught her many things and provided several learning opportunities that ultimately got her to her position today. Svetlana loves supporting her colleagues and finding ways to optimize processes to increase her productivity.


She holds two master’s degrees: the first, international economics and investments, and second, in finance–both from Belarusian State Economic University, with honors. In her spare time, she enjoys family time and playing tennis when it’s sunny out.






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