Michael Makishima | Forte Group

Michael Makishima

Chief Financial Officer

Michael is a financial executive with over 20 years experience in accounting and financial management. He has deep expertise in merger and acquisitions, business analytics and modeling, and experience in the digital engineering services industry with companies such as Capgemini and Lohika.

Michael Makishima

Being successful with venture capital financing, Michael has direct experience with IPO preparation. He was involved in all aspects of M&A activity, from due diligence to integration. Michael has over twenty-five years of experience in Finance and Operations with companies focused on Technology Services and Software.

Michael graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He has a solid professional background in resource management, recruiting, and off-shore software development operations. He is experienced in global operations and obtains strong knowledge of the Eastern European market.


Merger and Acquisition

Venture capital financing

Software services

Global operations


Contract negotiation

Business analytics

Turnaround strategy