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Infographic: what’s slowing your software delivery down?

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Frustrated with the speed of your delivery teams? You’re not alone. In this year’s “ State of Agile Report,” 74 percent of IT executives listed “accelerated delivery” as their desired outcome from adopting agile.

In our experience, slow software delivery is often the result of a delivery model that doesn’t match an organization or its needs. In the infographic below, we illustrate the symptoms of a slow delivery system, why these symptoms occur, then our suggested remedies to “tune up” your delivery engine.

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If you’re interested in learning more, you can download our new white paper, Overcoming Delivery Stagnation. In this white paper, we define the various software delivery models in use today, then analyze which work best for different organizations of different sizes and needs.

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Struggling with slow or failed delivery? It may be your software delivery model that’s holding you back. We created an interactive tool that matches you with the engagement model that best suits your business need. You can check it out here.

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by Steve Brown

Steve is Forte Group’s Director of Marketing and Communications. He works closely with Forte Group’s practice leadership to share our insights on best practices, tips, and trends in software design and development.

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