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Forte Group doubled delivery efficiency for Peeranha by sourcing skilled engineers, streamlining processes, and achieving faster product iterations.


Performance Boost: How Forte Group Doubled Delivery Efficiency for Peeranha




Technology and Platforms:
React JS, C++, AWS, NodeJS, TypeScript, Solidity


Peeranha is a decentralized Q&A platform designed to automate knowledge sharing in Web3 and beyond. It offers community knowledge management tools, utilizing AI and automation bots to help people discover and share information on any technology or project they are interested in. Peeranha’s mission is to ensure that users own the knowledge they create and share, and to provide the option for companies and communities to save time on every step of the knowledge-sharing journey.

Forte Group teamed with Peeranha to develop a knowledge management platform for open-source projects, prioritizing speed and budget constraints.



Putting together a highly skilled and efficient team as soon as possible.

Building the product at the earliest possible time within budget and
technological constraints.

Sourcing professionals with skills that are difficult to find such as blockchain and C++, and skills that are also in high demand such as React JS.




“Peeranha needed a highly skilled and efficient team as
soon as possible. In a very short period of time with the
help of Forte Group, we became an amazing team of 15.”

SergeyIlin_CircleHeadshotSergey Ilin 
CTO & Co-founder of Peeranha


Solution Highlights

Skilled Team + Efficient Processes + Fast Delivery

1. Sourcing the right engineers with the required skills like blockchain, C++, and AWS experience to build out the client's team. This included finding talented junior engineers who could learn quickly.

2. Onboarding the new engineering hires effectively to get them up to speed and contributing rapidly.

3. Working with the client to streamline their testing processes and dial in a better development workflow. 

4. Reviewing all of the test cases, cleaning them up, and assigning them priorities. Only high and medium-priority test cases, and test cases for impacted features, were executed during the regression testing.

5. Setting performance goals and establishing an efficient delivery process through working on processes and documentation. 

6. Providing ongoing support to help the client iterate on their product quickly and efficiently through regular releases every 2 weeks.


Results Achieved

Peeranha is now able to iterate on their product more quickly and efficiently, which allows it to deliver features faster.



“Everyone I've had the chance to work with at Forte Group is extremely professional, starting with the development team, to the HR team, the Marketing team, they're all extremely professional and know what
they're doing.”

SergeyIlin_CircleHeadshotSergey Ilin 
CTO & Co-founder of Peeranha

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