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GPShopper Helps Major Retailers Launch Their Digital Transformation

GPShopper Helps Major Retailers Launch Their Digital Transformation



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Few industries are changing faster than retail. Each year, a greater percentage of purchasing decisions are made on smartphones. To adapt to these new customer preferences, retailers have scrambled to swiftly adopt mobile-first, omnichannel shopping experiences to meet their customers wherever they are.


GPShopper, a retail mobile application developer, helps major retailers such as Foot Locker, Lane Bryant, and Crate&Barrel navigate their digital transformation by helping them create mobile-first e-commerce solutions. GPShopper’s platform helps companies build branded apps, which can then be operationalized with marketing automation and reporting tools. However, just as every retailer is unique, so too are their needs from an application. An out-of-the-box software platform must be custom-tailored to those needs. GPShopper has a state-of-the-art mobile platform but needed a full-service partner to help customize, integrate, and implement the platform for its retail customers. Forte Group became that partner.


Many of GPShopper’s clients are large-scale retailers who manage both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Given the complex nature of their business operations, retailers often require a custom integration.

  • Common integration objectives included:
  • Location-based marketing capabilities
  • An omnichannel experience that connected mobile and in-store activities
  • Exceptional UI/UX design that matched a retailer’s brand
  • Customer data profiles to better engage with shoppers’ buying habits and preferences
  • Built-in loyalty programs to increase engagement and customer retention
  • Quality assurance and testing

Given the varying needs of each retailer, GPShopper was challenged to find a full-service partner who could address individual clients’ unique needs, until it found Forte Group.


GPShopper and Forte Group began working together in 2014 and have partnered on dozens of applications since that time. Each integration is customized to individual retailers, so the range of needs for each has varied. However, some common, strategically important features that Forte has worked to integrate for major retailers have included:

  • UX must-haves: Almost all e-commerce applications require sophisticated and intuitive search, sort, and filter functions. Forte developed custom search UIs, adding filtering options that allowed users to browse and sort products by category, price, style, and other custom parameters.
  • Push notifications: The teams implemented push notifications, which give retailers an additional opportunity to engage their customers with special deals, product announcements, and other promotional tools designed to increase sales and retain customers.
  • Instant payment: Cart and checkout experiences that aren’t seamless and easy result in higher abandonment rates—and lower sales. Forte designed in-app payment options that allow customers to make quick, easy, and secure purchases in a convenient and secure way.
  • Geofencing: Many retailers are now tapping into the potential of IoT and location-based services. Forte designed geofencing technology into retail apps that allow customers to select the products they want to purchase, then locate where those products can be found in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Extended loyalty integration: GPShopper and Forte designed mobile applications that integrate with popular payment and wallet tools. This allows shoppers to use coupons, tickets, loyalty points, and gift cards in stores or on their mobile device.
  • Analytics Tools: Each mobile application incorporated analytics tools to gather customer feedback and create a tailored experience based upon their shopping preferences.

Forte Group has been an instrumental long-term partner in building custom integrations of our platform that help companies transform their business. Forte’s teams have been a significant contributor in helping us create innovative mobile solutions for our retail partners and their customers.


The success of GPShopper garnered the attention of Synchrony Financial, a Fortune 500 consumer financial services company, which acquired GPShopper in 2017. With platforms like GPShopper and integrators like Forte, retailers of all sizes are armed with the tools and teams they need to chart their path to becoming digital-first commerce companies.

Improved customer experience and retention

Digital transformation and application design for major retailers

Integration of GPShopper’s platform with dozens of major retailers