About Forte Group | Chicago, IL USA

Helping companies accelerate
and evolve since 2000

We’re a recognized global software partner with 20+ years of experience delivering outcome-based product and engineering solutions. We work closely with engineering leaders, product leaders, business leaders and founders to accelerate time to market, modernize legacy software, optimize technology operating expense and more.

Our story

Forte Group began with an idea focused on quality. That idea sparked another: to be a bridge between people and technology. From that idea grew the understanding that industry-leading quality and talented people can build great software. But without a vision or means to get there, true value can be difficult to achieve.

Everyone has their own story to tell, their own journey to take, and their own path to get there. At Forte Group, we’ve been making the path easier for 22 years. We have 900+ technology experts in 10 locations worldwide to remove the common obstacles to getting from point A to point B. A smoother road. An engine to accelerate. A bridge between people and technology. A pathway to what’s possible, for more than 350 projects.

 What’s your story? Let us help you get there.


Bring together the best technology talent
and practices to deliver on our clients’ mission. 


Be a trusted partner to organizations in their journey
to accelerate business and evolve technology practices.

Our team

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Executive Team

Leadership Team

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Optimize your business with custom software development.

Architect your vision. We’ll do the rest.


Our global team of more than 900 professionals spans seven countries.

 Boca Raton, U.S.

Forte Group’s headquarters. Home to most of our executive, sales, recruitment, and technical service teams.

Compliance and responsibility

We take compliance with regulations and mutual trust between Forte Group and its customers, partners, and employees seriously. We believe the success of our business depends on how much we adhere to the principles of diversity, dignity, and respect for one another. We strive to ensure the highest level of integrity and ethics at Forte Group.

If you want to learn more about our ethics policy or report a concern, please, visit our Hotline page.

Our core company’s values are:

We care about
our people.

We are committed to the growth of our employees, teams, and clients. We create a network of individual support, team trust, and transparency for everyone in and outside the company. This environment allows creativity to flow and fosters the long-term growth of our people and nurturing of our customers.

We value curiosity and resourcefulness.

The quest for self-improvement is a life-long pursuit — but a worthy one. We endeavor to be extraordinary, curious, resourceful and continually progress. By upgrading our team, we upgrade everything around us.

We value and deliver quality at scale.

We’re adaptive to new perspectives, technologies, ideas, and challenges — both as technology experts and as people. We aim to bring positive and qualitative change through transformative software.

Our partnership organizations

Amazon web service
New Relic.

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