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2021 at Forte Group: a year in review

Coming off of a turbulent 2020, 2021 gave us new challenges. By the beginning of this year, we had adapted to the social distancing, gotten used to masks, vaccination, and video meetings. In many instances, virtual products have become more valuable than physical ones, and the value of automation and cloud migration has substantially risen.

We moved to the hybrid working environment and transformed communication tools and frameworks. We learned to process data and make it more secure, supported our clients by helping them to make their work more efficient, flexible, and fluid. Forte Group launched several boot camps, opened new offices, and became global by staying connected internationally.

We wanted to highlight the most memorable moments from 2021 that kept us inspired and excited for 2022 to come. Below is a recap of 2021 at Forte Group.

The team became more global

Though this year has cut out some office activities, we’ve managed to retain our core team and level up in quantity and expertise. As a result, by the end of 2021,

working from the USA, Belarus, Ukraine, Argentina, Colombia, and Poland.

The company’s expertise has expanded

By bringing the best expertise at work,

The geography of our contract comes across (a number of) countries over three continents, including North America, Asia, and Europe. Our business consultants encouraged enterprises to adopt test automation and go further into their digital transformations.

Forte was honored with several awards

For more than 20 years, Forte Group has supported businesses with high-quality IT services. We help enterprises leverage technologies to optimize business processes and bring on digital transformation. 

We take pride in being consistently recognized by independent organizations as a trusted and reliable IT services provider, employer, and software development company. 2021 gave us six new awards to be proud of:

Professional growth expanded

In 2021

There was Salesforce Bootcamp Colombia, Fundamentals of Software testing, Negotiations training for our Recruitment team, and Agile training for our global teams. As constant learning is crucial to developing as technologists, we see these learning events as investments in our people and team. 

This year, we launched a new learning and development practice to further embed life-long growth into our culture. We prepared and launched the first Global Learning and Development survey for all employees to design an improved calendar of events and courses for next year.

Social awareness programs launched

This year

In addition, Forte actively helps children: Buy the necessary medicines and personal care products for children’s hospitals, donate clothes for orphans and help financially to children’s organizations in Belarus and Ukraine several times a year. 

We donated computer equipment to two organizations: The Belarusian State University of Chemical Technologies and the School of Robotics and Programming.

Our employees took action on World Animal Welfare Day in Minsk to help dogs and cats to find their owners. In addition, our Brest, Belarus employees often collect money and buy food for dogs from shelters.

Instilling green habits is easier than you think. We put containers for different types of waste in the Ukrainian and Belarusian offices. We use office supplies made from processed raw materials and give eco-bags and mugs to all our new employees.

Extended wellness programs launched

We care about the health of our employees. Therefore, Forte Group supported several vaccination drives against flu and COVID-19 in Belarus and Ukraine. In 2021 an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist joined our team. 

Olga Kuklo

She also had some training for different Forte Group units and launched a survey “Mental health check-up” that helped run some diagnostics on Forte employees’ mood, motivation, and mental health. In addition to this survey, the Forte Group Employer Brand team helped to launch a new video series, “Mental Health Tips,” on our YouTube channel, where Olga shares tips on prevalent mental health issues at work.

What a year! 

And we did it! To our team, thank you for the incredible work you have done a year-long, for your dedication and willingness to go the extra mile — your effort was vital in fueling our growth. To all of the organizations we work with, thank you for entrusting us as a partner to your success. 

We wish you all peace, joy, and a happy holiday season! To keep up with the latest updates from the tech world and see more up-to-date stats and infographics, subscribe to this blog updates below, and make sure to follow up on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. See you in 2022!

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Angelina Melguy

by Angelina Melguy

Angelina Melguy is the employer brand specialist at Forte Group. She is a creative and self-motivated specialist with a keen interest in learning and sharing handy information.

Helen Pilchenko

by Helen Pilchenko

Helen Pilchenko is a technology writer at Forte Group. She has a solid creative mindset with deep technical knowledge and analytical skills to deliver business results.

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