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Make the Most of Your Test
Automation Investment

We offer full lifecycle test automation services
From Strategy And Assessment through ongoing support.

Our Test Automation Services help you


Maximize Your

Fast release cycles demand fast test cycles. Incorporate automation in to your testing activities to remove bottlenecks from your delivery pipeline.

Increase Your Test

Dramatically increase your test coverage by automating the appropriate test activities.


Avoid Trial
and Error

Work with an expert team of test automation engineers to eliminate the lengthy and expensive trial-and-error process of implementing test automation.

Improve Team

Reduce your team’s repetitive tasks and free up their time to work on higher value, more rewarding tasks.

Consider a Strategy Workshop

Case Study

AdobeStock_257175288 1


Major food manufacturer used test automation to reduce the time and effort required to certify updates to desktop images

Food & Beverage

Learn how a major food manufacturer achieved a 92% reduction in the effort required to certify profiles with data-driven automation, eliminated errors in the certification process and eliminated most of their external contracting costs.

When people start talking about implementing automation, the conversation often begins with tools and frameworks. The right tool and an appropriate framework are certainly important – however they are only part of the solution and really not the place to start the discussion.

– Lee Barnes
Chief Quality Officer at Forte Group

Our Approach to Test Automation

We believe it’s important to consider the factors that make your environment and team unique
when designing test automation solutions.

Discovery & Strategy

Our test automation architects lead cross-disciplinary discussions to identify risks, gaps, and opportunities. We work with you to create (or refine) a test
automation roadmap.


With a solid understanding of your environment, activities, and test automation strategy, we get to work implementing necessary improvements, prototyping, and scaling out automation. Our proven frameworks accelerate the process.

Activity Analysis & Design

We look beyond tests to test activities. We analyze your team’s daily activities to identify opportunities for automation and efficiency.


After a project is complete, we collaborate to ensure your team (or our managed services team) is ready to take over maintenance or execute the next phase of the roadmap.

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Our Test Automation Readiness Assessment & Strategy helps you:


Forte Group takes a technology-agnostic
approach to analyzing five key test automation
readiness factors:


Save Time

We’ll come to you, and share expertise built through twenty years of successfully implementing test automation. Save time by avoiding the risks of a “ready-fire-aim” approach to automation.

Manage Risk 

During this three-week engagement, we help you uncover hidden risk factors and give context-specific advice on how to avoid common test automation pitfalls.

Set the Stage for Success

The engagement will provide you with actionable recommendations and a roadmap to set you on a path to test automation success.

Talent and Resources

Success in test automation depends in part on organizational support. We help you understand what it will take to fully fund and support test automation in your organization.


We analyze your processes to understand how well they support test automation as well as determine which testing activities (not just which tests) can benefit from automation.

Environment Stability

We assess your test environments and help you determine the best approach to creating a stable environment to support test automation execution.

Control Over Test Data

Data related issues can make or break an automation implementation. We help you identify data issues and provide suggestions to manage test data to best support automation.

Reliability & Maintenance

If you’ve already got some automation in place, we assess the health and reliability of what you have as well as the processes used to maintain and support the solution.

Establish a Test Automation Vision

Learn to assess your organizational readiness for test automation and the key elements of a successful test automation strategy.

Our Approach to Test
Automation Strategy

Our test automation strategy workshop teaches
assessment techniques as well as the foundational
elements of test automation strategy:


Save Time

Learn how to avoid the risks of a “ready-fire-aim” approach to automation. We’ll share expertise built through twenty years of successfully implementing test automation.



Through two days of collaborative, cross-functional discussions and hands-on exercises, we teach our assessment process and the foundational components of a successful test automation strategy.   

Build the Vision

After the workshop, your team will be prepared to develop an organization-specific roadmap for test automation success.


We work with you define the specific benefits you’re hoping to achieve with test automation. We look beyond “percentage of tests automated” to find creative and sustainable ways to accelerate value.


We look at the full range of test activities across your software development cycle. Often, when we look at all the activities of testing beyond executing test cases, we come up with additional opportunities to benefit from automation. 


A common cause of failure for automation implementations is unrealistic resource expectations. We help you understand what can reasonably be achieved based on your team’s staffing, resources, and goals.


What does the organization seek to automate? And what will not be automated? A successful test automation strategy has bounds, and clearly defined scope.


Clear goals and a clear-eyed assessment of the organization’s gaps and strengths culminate in the creation of a roadmap which lays out the overall objective and steps to achieve test automation success in your context.

Accelerate Test Automation

Leverage years of test automation expertise and best practices with the Forte Group Automation Framework.

Automation Framework
Core Features

The Forte Group Automation Framework provides
the core functionality needed for all implementations
independent of the application under test:

Accelerate Value

Achieve the fastest time-to-value by implementing automation on a foundation of proven processes, technology, and knowledge.

Minimize Expense 

Reduce total automation costs with the framework’s maintainable, reliable, and extensible architecture.

Value-focus Your Team

Using the Forte Group Automation Framework allows organizations to reap the benefits of successful test automation while keeping their testing and functional experts focused on high-value tasks.

Separation of Concerns

The FAF provides the ability to externalize the test definition from the test automation framework code. This allows your team to focus their efforts where they can deliver the most value – test creation and analysis for Test Analysts and automation framework enhancement and maintenance for Automation Engineers.

App Independent

The application testing layer sits above the core layer and consists of reusable components that represent the most common application testing actions. This layer may consist of components from multiple applications to promote end-to-end testing across systems.

 Common UI Interaction Experience

The FAF provides a common UI interaction layer to simplify the creation of application test components. This provides seamless support for multiple application technologies through a single consistent and extensible UI API.

Data Management

The FAF provides powerful features for addressing time sensitive and dynamic data, simplifying maintenance efforts. The framework also supports data generation of simple and complex data structures at runtime.

Reporting and Utilities

Powerful utilities and a flexible reporting engine promote efficient results analysis. The FAF generates an easy to read HTML report as well as an XML results file that can be used to create your own custom report.

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