Supply chains often use intensely manual processes to track goods as they make the journey from factories to warehouses and end buyers. These manual systems have been strained amidst the disruption of a global pandemic, prompting the need for better digital solutions to keep the supply chain strong.

So how can technology help improve these processes?

On this week’s Forte Connect, we spoke with Tyler Ellison, a long-time executive with experience working with supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing organizations. Tyler is CEO and Founder at ChemDirect, a platform that’s helping suppliers—particularly those in the healthcare field—use analytics to help manufacturers be more responsive to demand changes. Tyler and the group discuss how technology like ChemDirect can help create a smarter supply chain, particularly as many businesses begin to slowly reopen.

We’re joined once again by our Forte Group team: C.J. Montano, Partner and Managing Director at Forte Group, and Kiersten Lyng, Senior Account Executive, Strategic Partnerships. The group discusses how the supply chain will change and what businesses can do now to prepare for a gradual reopening.

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