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The Mid Market CTO Guide to Driving (and Surviving) Digital Change

Driving digital change is difficult enough for any business, but mid-market companies face a unique set of challenges that demand more dexterity from their CTOs.Unlike their counterparts in Fortune 500 companies, mid-market decision-makers don’talways have the budgetary resources to evaluate a multitude of solutions. Yet, they have enough revenue and brand equity at stake that they can’t afford to choose the wrongsolution either. Then there are other hurdles, like a lack of IT expertise within the org chart,outdated legacy systems and processes, and resistance to change.Helping a mid-market CTO find a way forward in the midst of challenges like these is whatthis white paper is all about. Even if your title isn’t CTO, if your job is to align the company’sdigital strategy with customer needs, disrupt the status quo, and keep pace with thecompetition, this is your guide to driving (and surviving) digital change.