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Your portfolio companies are in a pivotal phase, requiring a trusted technology partner to navigate the complex landscape of emerging technology and digital transformation. They might be saddled with outdated products, inefficient processes, lack of scalability, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and have an urgent need to capitalize on emerging technologies.

Operating Expense (OpEx) Optimization

We help your portfolio companies reduce and optimize their operating expenses. It all starts with dynamic resource allocation, ensuring that your resources are efficiently utilized. Using a combination of onshore, near-shore and off-shore operations, we optimize costs while maintaining quality. 

We employ repeatable and optimized ways of working aimed at efficiency and reliability. Our agile collaboration models help clients adapt to quickly-changing requirements. With robust FinOps and DevOps expertise, we streamline financial and operational processes, enhancing productivity.

We harness the power of AI tools and automation to drive efficiency and productivity gains. Our on-demand access to specialists ensures that your portfolio companies have the right expertise when they need it. Additionally, we deliver significant reductions in overhead costs such as recruitment, HR, and L&D expenses, allowing portfolio companies to focus on their core business.


New Product
Discovery and New
Product Development

Not only do your portfolio companies need to drive OpEx improvements, developing the New is what really creates value. Forte Group’s +20 years experience of helping clients drive new revenue from exciting new software products is the basis for our New Product Development Framework – The Five Factors for Product Success.

1. Research & Strategy

We focus on aligning your portfolio companies’ business goals with their overall product strategy. We document your target audience through persona development, allowing us to build products that meet product-market fit. Scenario development helps us anticipate and address user scenarios, ensuring a seamless user experience.

2. Value Assessment

We develop a compelling business case that highlights the value and potential return on investment for your portfolio companies’ products. We gather feedback and validate market demand. We work closely with your portfolio companies to define the product vision, outlining key features and benefits. Prototyping helps us visualize and iterate on the product’s design and functionality.

3. Product Emergence

We create a comprehensive product definition by building a backlog of prioritized features and requirements. Technical feasibility assessments are conducted to ensure that the proposed solution is viable. Solutioning and design involve developing the architecture and designing the user interface.

4. Product Development

We employ agile ways of working, utilizing playbooks and frameworks to foster collaboration and efficiency. We practice iterative and adaptive development, allowing us to deliver high-quality products. We take a proactive approach to quality assurance and testing, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed early on. Our lean development operations streamline processes and maximize productivity, minimizing waste and optimizing resource allocation.

5. Go to Market

We handle the entire release management process, ensuring smooth and timely product launches. User testing and technical documentation play a crucial role in validating and documenting the product’s functionality and usability. We provide ongoing support, monitoring, and site reliability engineering (SRE) to ensure the product operates at peak performance, with minimal downtime and high user satisfaction.

New Product Discovery and New Product Development

Our Approach

We combine our deep expertise in software technology with our long experience of working with private equity companies to identify potential risks, and unlock valuable OpEx reduction and New Product Development opportunities for your portfolio companies. Our holistic approach ensures that technology recommendations align with your investment theses, optimizing the exit value of your investments.

  • Commercial Focus
  • Primed for Private Equity
  • Experience Is Everything

Our digital and technology recommendations are guided by a product mindset and a strong commercial focus. If a request or feature doesn’t make sense, our culture is to push back to ensure that each initiative contributes directly to overarching commercial objectives.

  • Increase Revenue: We help your portfolio companies grow revenue by building new products, exploring new markets and implementing effective pricing strategies.
  • Reduce Costs: We identify areas where expenses can be minimized or eliminated without compromising the quality of products or services. This can lead to improved profitability and efficiency.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: We help your portfolio companies understand customer needs and preferences, deliver excellent customer service and continually improve the overall customer experience.
  • Innovate:We help develop new products, services, or processes, embracing software technology advancements, and fostering a culture of creativity. By aligning technology with the strategic vision of your portfolio companies, we drive operational efficiencies to create long-term success.

Our processes are designed to minimize disruptions to business operations and at the same time to have the experience to make bold and fast changes. We work flexibly within aggressive timelines, enabling a seamless integration of our services into your investment strategy. Our focus is to support and enhance the growth trajectory of your portfolio companies.

All our teams are backed up by the Forte Group Architectural Service Layer (ASL) Practice – an experienced team of solution architects enabling you to have access to world-class architects on a need basis. We deliver tailored strategies and implementations that enable your portfolio companies to thrive.

How We Do It

Once your software strategy has been conceived, we help you execute it with implementation, support and maintenance services. We help your portfolio companies drive operational excellence, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless implementation process and provides ongoing support to optimize your investments and maximize their impact.


Most projects start with a detailed discovery. From here we present a variety of recommendations that align with your portfolio companies’ business and technology needs whether it be building new, enhancing features, or integrating third-party solutions.

Engineering and
Product Management

Meet evolving customer demands with an innovative vision — and then collaborate with full stack development experts to make those visions real. We’re your collaborators, working with you to make a blueprint for success that paves the path for what’s possible.


Even though some of your products might be moving into sunset, it doesn’t have to be that value cannot be further maximized for a longer period of time. While you focus on your next generation activities, Forte can offload the sunsetting products from your operations and drive both cost efficiency and new feature development to keep winning in the market.

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