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Build an all-in-one lending platform for your business goals.

Multi-Tenant Lending Platform Development

Increase your revenue by building proprietary all-in-one platform with automated underwriting, cross-selling opportunities, referral programs and data analytics.

Minimize your bad debt rate with comprehensive eligibility check algorithms.

Attract new audiences by offering online mortgage prequalification tools and personalized loan options that enhance client engagement and increase the chances of closing the loan.

Improve customer retention and increase loan conversion rates with drop-off points identification and application abandonment reasons analytics throughout the loan process.

Stand out from your competition by customizing your lending platform with co-designed UX/UI and product functionality that optimizes usability for your customers.

We develop a feature-rich and high-performing solution custom tailored to your needs, timeline, and budget.

  • With our experience and expertise in the financial services industry, we take complex project requirements and turn them into elegant and flexible solutions.
  • You can customize our modular custom-developed solutions to meet your unique needs, and even license your technology to others.
  • We can take any legacy tech stack and migrate it to a modern, cloud-based microservices architecture.
  • We don’t simply implement requests. We’re your full-service partner who advises you on features to prioritize, what order to deliver them, which third-party services to integrate with, and more.

Our Clients

Value we delivered to our Clients

We develop a feature-rich and high-performing solution custom tailored to your needs, timeline, and budget

Growth in customers taking a loan
 Revenue growth with lending functionality
Infrastructure cost decrease
Faster loan application process
 Lower debt rate

Our Experience In Lending:

Building Efficient Technology SolutionThat Empowers Your Business


  • Core lending functionality development 
  • Decision making engine
  • Credit scoring and underwriting
  • Loan documentation management
  • Loan product configuration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Built-in Customer relationship management (CRM) system w/ support of various communication channels


  • Investor and borrower account management
  • Rate and term setting
  • Automated transaction processing


  • Loan calculations
  • Interest rate calculations
  • Payment supervision
  • Individual and business loan management
  • Loan management automation
  • Automated reporting


  • Detailed general and custom questions configuration
  • Dynamic loan rates generation
  • Multiple application widgets (credit report, loan progress, pre-approval letter, rate lock, etc.)


  • Full-scale support of the underwriting process – from the preliminary assessment to the decision making
  • Loan conditions and UW Reports configuration
  • Automated actions and document generation upon specific decisions made


  • Full mortgage processing automation
  • Automated user data validation
  • Unified solution for all user roles
  • Integration with third-party data aggregation services


  • Loan management
  • Payments and billing
  • Automated payments
  • Transactions and equated monthly installments (EMIs)
  • Transfers and withdrawals
  • Customizable reports
  • Analytics
  • Late fees
  • E-signature functionality


  • Overdraft limits
  • Charging and monitoring of fees
  • EAR and APR calculations
  • Arranged and unarranged overdraft management and monitoring


  • Filling out a loan application
  • Processing the application
  • Underwriting
  • Quality control
  • Issuing the loan
  • Monitoring loan’s performance


  • ASL / Architectural Discovery Process
  • SSO implementation with 2-factor authentication mechanism
  • Microservice refactoring
  • Technology evaluation and recommendations
  • Refactoring of legacy systems – Agile rollouts

Our Approach

AI-powered decision making

We build AI-based decisioning engines to help lenders decide whether to approve a loan. AI-driven automation reduces costs and increases efficiency, removing the need for human intervention at various stages in the origination and servicing process.


We create self-service loan portals for borrowers. This frees loan officers to address more strategic initiatives, while giving borrowers a quicker process towards loan approval.


We provide best-of-breed solutions that integrate seamlessly with third-party services and APIs. The result for lenders? A platform that handles the full lifecycle of the loan origination process.

Forte Group Develops an Innovative Loan Origination and Point of Sale System for Leading Mortgage Company

“By having product managers working alongside the client, we effectively shared ownership of the product management practices. Forte Group has developed a multi-tenant mortgage SaaS/PaaS platform with end-to-end brokers, realtors, and lenders’ experience support. The all-in-one loan management platform we built has edge lending software features, enabling us to license the technology to other institutions under the CyberDyne brand.”

Max Shulha, Senior Product Owner at Forte

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