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How to drive the most value out of remote software delivery

Your guide to optimizing hybrid and remote work software delivery teams in 2022 and beyond

The disruption of remote work left enterprises struggling to streamline their newly introduced processes. While some adapted quickly, team collaboration issues caused by going remote persist in the most sophisticated agile environments. While assembling an effective remote team is already a widely covered topic, there is less guidance available on how to adapt the existing workflow and culture to an unexpected work model shift.

With more than 20 years of practicing remote software delivery under our belt, we're in a strong position to provide this short but in-depth toolkit to assess the health of your current software delivery team and start the process of improving it immediately. This guide contains insights gained from multiple successful long-term enterprise projects.

Prepared by two of Forte Group's experts:

Glenn Eckstein,

Director of Practice

Max Shulha,

Product Owner

    Inside, you'll find the following tips:

  • How to reestablish your planning meeting routine
  • How to enhance collaboration while working remotely
  • How to implement effective evaluation points
  • How to assemble winning remote team combinations for mid-sized enterprises
  • How to improve your remote leadership capabilities
  • No matter what stage you are at in your product delivery journey, and to what extent your team composition is remote, the key to success could be hiding in the smallest details. Are you ready to level up your collaboration environment?
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