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Who Bring A Complete solution that includes services, expertise, and tooling that ensures exceptional user experiences and faster release cycles.

Leverage Forte Group’s turnkey offering of mobile testing and cloud-based mobile devices.

We enable organizations to tap into cutting-edge agile deployment capabilities, saving them time and resources while putting quality first.

Our turnkey offering includes access to a mobile device cloud, with 100% real devices, available to teams across the globe to collaborate without delays associated with sharing devices.
To deliver your perfect mobile experiences to market faster, Forte Group partners with Kobiton, a leading mobile-first testing platform purpose-built for enterprises.

We offer mobile device cloud in three ways: in-house private, hosted by Kobiton private, and public. Together with you, we choose the most appropriate option for your needs, depending on the devices required and the level of security needed. 

Our proven approach adapted to your needs

we bust myths for Test Automation Success

The Forte QA team built a test automation framework into the SwiftIQ platform, automating time-consuming tests. This makes the entire testing process smoother and faster, allowing QA analysts to focus on improving the product rather than running repetitive tests. Test automation helps identify bugs earlier, accelerating development time and improving the overall quality of a product.

we understand Your State of Readiness

Successful test automation is not just about automating a certain percentage of tests in a specific timeframe. We go beyond that and want to understand your readiness for automation. Before engaging, we assess your environment, your resources, your application’s testability, and if you have an existing tool or framework in place. Our assessment helps us determine how we can help you succeed in automation.

we select a Problem-solving Approach before the Tool

Test automation is not a tool-first discussion. Understanding your state of readiness, your team’s skill sets, and the application’s complexity is crucial before selecting any tooling. Our experts help you select the right tools and frameworks that fit your needs and help you achieve your automation goals.

we go for Quality Rather Than Fixing Bugs

At Forte, we have a team of software testing craftsmen who ensures your product is reliable and effective. Instead of just proving your software works, we strive for critical thinking and designing experiments with the purpose is to identify issues in the application.

Forte Group + Kobiton capabilities


Automate tests on any device
using a custom automation
framework or Kobiton’s codeless
NOVA AI Engine

Test mobile applications on real
devices, collaborate with your
team, and receive instant

Optimize mobile app
performance to drive better app
store ratings and lower app

Seamlessly integrate with your
preferred tools like JIRA and

Manage device inventory and
permissions, allocating access
to specific users or teams, and
eliminate potential bottlenecks


Test multiple app versions
on the same


Debug issues quickly and
efficiently with device logs, crash
reports, and screenshots


Share devices and testing
sessions in real-time and
streamline communication
and feedback

Your One-Stop Solution for Real-Device Mobile Testing

Functional testing & Test Automation

Run scripted test automation on Kobiton devices using popular open-source tools and frameworks. Whether it’s smoke testing, regression testing, or unit testing, Forte Group uses Kobiton capabilities to ensure app functions as designed.

UI/UX testing

Ensure your app’s visual appearance is consistent with your UI designs, catch functional issues that impact the user experience, and optimize your mobile UX for all users, including those with accessibility needs.

100% real device testing from anywhere

Gain access to various real devices in the cloud, complete with support for gestures, orientation, networks, location, and more. Test your app on your users’ iOS and Android devices, all within a highly responsive environment from anywhere in the world.

Performance testing

Optimize your mobile application performance to increase app store ratings, lower app abandonment rates, and capture more revenue on mobile channels. Kobiton can help you analyze battery drain, network and CPU usage, and other performance metrics to ensure your app runs smoothly.


Forte Group’s Kobiton expertise in numbers





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tests run

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