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Keep up to speed on tech trends

Keep up to speed on tech trends

Check out these hand-picked blogs, podcasts, and newsletters that our team loves

Ever find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tech news sources? In the information age, it can be tricky to find trustworthy (and relevant) news sources. In addition to traditional media giants such as WiredBBC, The New York Times or The Guardian, a growing roster of independent tech reporters offer excellent coverage, as well.

Navigating this sea of information isn’t easy. That’s why we sifted through the most popular tech podcasts and newsletters of 2020 and curated this list of the top seven resources you need to stay in the loop — with a few bonus sources from some of the tech professionals on our Forte team.


We start with podcasts — a buzzing content delivery form on the agenda of 75% of editors, CEOs and digital leaders right now, as reported by Reuters. These are our top picks ideal for your break away from the screen.   


 Frequency: 4-7 episodes a month

Available on: Wired, iTunes, Spotify, Google Poscasts

Downloadable: Yes

We recommend: The future of work and collaboration with John Maeda

Though Wired broadly defines the focus of their podcasts as “the future,” that future is almost always framed through the lens of how technology will shape it. Their hosts and guests get together to provide expert commentary on Wired stories and share informed opinions on the current pandemic, societal issues, sustainability, and of course, Big Tech.

Visit at 



Frequency: Every Tuesday and Friday

Available on: Vox Media Podcast Network, New York Magazine, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more

Downloadable: No

We recommend: Covid’s ‘second wave’ and business, Europe brings antitrust suit to Amazon, and a prediction on fitness trackers

Kara Swisher (Recode, New York Magazine) and Scott Galloway (Marketing Professor at New York University) are two charismatic high-caliber speakers reviewing the latest headlines in tech, business, and politics. With 170 episodes behind them, they keep offering their witty and unconventional look at the powers that shape our world, with topics ranging from federal investigations and Disney’s earning reports to retail closures and breaking tech news.    

Visit at



 Frequency: Monthly

Available on:, SoundCloud, iTunes

Downloadable: Yes

We recommend: Big Tech, Antitrust, and Democracy

The Exponent creators are both recognized authors — Ben Thompson has long been reporting on business and technology on his Stratechery blog, while James Allworth writes for Harvard Business Review. The two joined forces to provide insight into the context of technological developments, from the latest industry announcements to geopolitics and information literacy. 

Visit at



 Frequency: 2-3 times a month

Available on: ThoughtWorks, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify

Downloadable: Yes

We recommend: Digital transformation: A Tech Perspective

ThoughtWorks is an international software consultancy with an insider’s perspective on technologies and how they define the way companies are run today. Rather than reviewing the latest tech news, they look into the practicalities of adopting and operating disruptive technologies in a business setting. So if you’re a CTO responsible for your company’s next foray into digital, their topics can be a great resource.

Visit at



Glenn Eckstein, Director of Practice Engineering, Global Solutions & Practices at Forte Group Glenn Eckstein, Director of Practice Engineering, Global Solutions & Practices at Forte Group


Glenn oversees and advises the robust engineering practices at Forte Group, ensuring that our development proficiency maintains its industry-leading standard of quality. Throughout his 20-year career working in enterprise software, Glenn has worked in the trenches as an engineer, solutions architect, agile practitioners, and technology consultant for some of Chicago’s top technology companies.


Rands in Repose has a very thoughtful and well-written piece on Leadership and Technology focusing on the longevity of decisions made, and what the effect will be in the long term.

Hacker News is an aggregator that tends to have better and more focused discussions than on the original sources’ site.

CommitStrips is a modernized Dilbert. As tech moves so fast, I find parody to be a good gauge of the current trends and zeitgeists in the industry.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, give it a chance! Following the Tech Influencers in your technical domain on Twitter is the fastest way to get feedback on tech trends. These ideas and opinions come from the technical contributors, are often unfiltered, and do not represent the views of their employers.  

Pavel Kazlou, Solution Architect at Forte Group


Pavel Kazlou is an IT mentor, speaker, and a Forte Group’s own Solution Architect with 17 years of experience in leading product development and strategy roles.



— Pavel Kazlou, Solution Architect at Forte Group


Being the biggest IT conference in Russia, HighLoad++ is my main Russian-speaking source to stay in the know on the aspects of web development I work with — such as complex solution architecture, high-load systems, load testing, and so much more. It’s amazing, informative, and free.

I love the Habr community for providing daily in-depth IT content that will amaze even the most sophisticated tech junkie. If I turn to HighLoad videos for better ways of building software, Habr is my food for thought and a proven news source on all things digital.


A perfect way to get a clear outlook on the latest in tech beyond all the buzz, these newsletters are bite-sized curated collections of news and analysis. Check out our favorites:



 Subscription fee: Free or premium under “Extra Crunch” membership

Frequency: Daily and weekly

One of the world’s leading sources of reporting on the tech industry, TechCrunch scoops its latest stories in a few types of newsletters. These include daily and weekly reviews of tech news, the latest on startups and Silicon Valley, as well as events.

Subscribe at  


 Subscription fee: Free

Frequency: Daily

The Hustle newsletter enjoys its soaring popularity for a reason. Targeting young professionals, the media platform aims to redefine the way business news is consumed, creating content that is not only concise but also highly on-point. In their own words, it’s cutting through the nonsense at its finest.

Subscribe at



 Subscription fee: Free and premium

Frequency: Weekly

This is the brainchild of Benedict Evans, a veteran technology analyst with a background in equity consulting and venture capital. The free edition contains Ben’s take on the key news, while the premium one offers a deeper, wholly exclusive opinion on current tech and business trends.

Subscribe at


There’s a lot going on in the tech world, but with these trusted — as well as entertaining — reviews of the latest news, staying updated on tech trends is as easy as hitting a subscribe button.

Another great resource is our Forte insights blog and our monthly newsletter. You can subscribe for free in the footer below for monthly news and updates on product development strategy.

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