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Trusted tech partner in building industry-leading solutions.
Our work spans multiple major verticals and over 350+ mid-market and large enterprises in fintech, education, retail, healthcare, legal services, and logistics. The digital excellence we accumulated helps businesses upgrade service portfolios to the world-leading level and brings forward-looking and competitive innovations to the industry.

Focus Industries

Our expertise is rooted in 22+ years of software delivery and quality assurance, which
gives our clients confidence in the products we build together.

Financial software development

From commercial and investment banks to brokerage firms to various fintech providers, we are helping financial organizations optimize operational processes and better serve their customers with digital-first, transformative software.


E-commerce and retail

We build custom, state-of-the-art digital commerce solutions powered by our web and mobile engineering capabilities for retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers.


Professional and business services

We help our service industry clients run their business more efficiently, lower operating costs, and accelerate their software delivery, be it streamlining legal services, managing risk and compliance, or creating data aggregation and analytics tools.


Education and e-learning

We deliver sophisticated software to educational and professional institutions and educational technology providers to enhance access to knowledge and remove barriers between students and educators using cutting-edge tech.


Transportation and logistics

Our full suite of services enables 3pl and supply chain providers to expand and improve core business operations while evolving to new business models using new technologies that employ AI, big data, cloud, and connected platforms.



We assist in designing, developing, delivering, and testing innovative, award-winning technology solutions. Our team of forward-thinking engineers helps businesses with ideas define value, achieve scale, and respond quickly to market opportunities.


Solve on complexity and get outcome-based custom development
solutions with a full spectrum of engineering services.

We offer full-cycle software development services, including legacy software modernization, systems support and maintenance and many more.

We ensure you deliver robust and seamless digital applications with 10/10 quality through the latest QA techniques and a fine-tuned quality control process.

Our tailored approach, e-commerce focus, and flexibility allow us to design, develop, and deliver scalable, integrated commerce platforms that drive profits and boost your sales strategy.

Forte Group is a certified Salesforce partner focused on enabling businesses to maximize value with Salesforce while providing guidance.