Forte Group’s Lee Barnes at TestCon Europe: What successful test automation is, and why it’s NOT testing | Forte Group

Forte Group’s Lee Barnes at TestCon Europe: What successful test automation is, and why it’s NOT testing

In the frantic race to automate everything, one critical fact often gets overlooked even by seasoned professions: test automation is NOT equal to testing as a part of the development cycle. However, many organizations put an equal sign between a comprehensive automated test suite and a practical software testing function. Their definition of test automation is often limited to the automatic execution of scripted test steps. Even in the best-case scenario, this approach can give a false sense of security, especially when executing automated checks is the only testing activity they perform.

In this online session, Lee will discuss why he considers the craft of software testing being swallowed up by test automation. He will help you think beyond just the execution of scripted tests and apply automation principles more generally to testing activities. You will learn how to look at testing and automation as complementary activities and take back techniques for using a context-driven approach to automation to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your software testing.

About the speaker

Lee Barnes, Chief Quality Officer at Forte Group, has more than 25 years of experience working as software quality and testing professional. So far, he has delivered test automation and performance testing ideas to over 500 companies. Lee regularly speaks at industry conferences, including DevOpsDays, Agile+DevOps, STPCon, and StarEAST. 



Meet Lee Barnes at TestCon Europe 2022

TestCon Europe is happening on October 26-27 online and features the hottest topics in the industry, covering: Test Management, Testing Techniques, and Methodologies, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Testing the Internet of Things (IoT), Testing Metrics, Agile Testing, Test Team Leadership, and Soft Skills.

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