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Redwood Logistics improved working pipeline through automatization of processes


Technology and Platforms:
JIRA/Confluence, Harness, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, C#, PostgreSQL, .NET Core 6

Redwood Logistics is a contract logistics partner that develops web-based solutions for companies across a variety of industries. Redwood combines a SaaS TMS (transportation management system) application with transportation network design, multi-modal procurement, and freight management services.

Services provided by Redwood Logistics include enterprise, web-based TMS, a real-time optimization engine, supply chain design, automated tendering, tracking, invoicing and reporting, freight audit and payment services, RFP management and analysis, on-demand analytics, and fast and easy system integration.


Redwood’s quality goals were:

  • To increase their confidence in software releases by expanding their testing coverage and performing more “exploratory testing”
  • To reduce the testing burden placed on software engineers so that internal team could focus more on new feature development
  • To modernize its environment, enable business growth, and support a series of business acquisitions.

Redwood’s goals at the outset included:

  • Active consulting, collaboration, and participation in QA and testing strategy
  • Predictable budget
  • Organized internal QA processes and accelerated software delivery
  • Organized internal DevOps processes that would transform legacy projects into Azure Cloud

Solution features

  • Assigned a cross-functional, on-site product team to quickly and iteratively improve the product suite
  • Integrated an effective way to track, measure, and analyze all testing workflows within Redwood delivery teams
  • Developed a modern test automation framework that enabled efficient automated test creation for both UI and API level tests
  • Migrated legacy projects into Azure Cloud and Azure DevOps
  • Redesigned the test automation framework
  • Improved stability and scalability through automated testing


Forte Group quickly learned the process and has jumped in contributing to one of Redwood’s most successful releases. Forte’s team has seamlessly integrated with Redwood’s product team and continues its work of implementing the DevOps processes and modernizing structures.


“My Forte representative: Whenever I needed anything she did whatever she could to help.”

Heather Pettinger
IT quality assurance manager

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