Big Data Platform Drives 3x Growth Helping Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch
Big Data Platform Drives 3x Growth Helping Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch

Big Data Platform Drives 3x Growth Helping Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch



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Staff Augmentation ,  

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Java, Angular JS, Apache Spark, Google Cloud Platform, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Editor’s note: In January 2020, PDI, a global provider of ERP, fuel pricing, logistics, and marketing cloud solutions, acquired SwiftIQ. SwiftIQ is now PDI Insights Cloud.


For decades, brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled to measure and predict their customers’ purchasing preferences. Without accurate point-of-sale data, it’s difficult for retailers and brands to measure how effective an in-store display or promotion is. Without that data, how do we know what’s working and what isn’t?


Online retailers, in comparison, can mine from a wealth of data to segment their customers and create custom-tailored messaging that connects people with the products they want. For traditional stores, that level of data sophistication is far more difficult to achieve.


The SwiftIQ platform evens the playing field, providing retailers, brands, and distributors with “basket-level” data insights to help measure the effectiveness of point-of-sale transactions. Armed with real-time, granular data about their customers’ purchasing preferences, both brands and stores can reclaim a competitive edge and better connect with their customers.


SwiftIQ began as a startup in 2011, but after receiving a round of seed funding in 2014, it needed to enhance and scale its platform to meet growing demand. SwiftIQ needed to process more data, faster, which required a platform upgrade.

With its rapid growth, SwiftIQ wanted to make sure that its new platform was built the right way and for the long haul. To upgrade, improve, and scale, the team at SwiftIQ called Forte to manage quality assurance and testing services for its new platform.


SwiftIQ had to not only be fast, but easy and intuitive to use. Work began to improve the platform’s user interface (UI), to create an elegant customer-centric product that was easy for anyone to use. To improve the platform’s speed and ease of use, the Forte quality assurance (QA) and test team built test functionality and a data-driven approach into the SwiftIQ platform. This included:

  • UI verification: Using a graphical user interface (GUI), the Forte QA team ensured that the product was easy for people to use, met customers’ needs, and offered an exceptional user experience (UX).
  • Functional testing: For any piece of software to be of value, it must meet the functional requirements established at the outset. Using functional testing, the Forte QA team ensured that the highest quality standards were met and that the platform functioned flawlessly.
  • Performance testing: Any high-performance product—whether it’s a pair of running shoes or an F1 race engine—has to be rigorously tested to ensure it can stand up to high-intensity use. The same logic must also be applied to a quality software product. By testing for responsiveness, stability, and speed under demanding usage, QA analysts can build and improve performance standards into the implementation, design, and architecture of the product.
  • Test automation: The Forte QA team built a test automation framework into the SwiftIQ platform, which automates time-consuming tests. This makes the entire process of testing smoother and faster, allowing QA analysts to focus on improving the product rather than running repetitive tests. Test automation helps identify bugs earlier, accelerating development time and improving the overall quality of a product.


Since the launch of SwiftIQ’s platform in 2015, the company has tripled its customers and now analyzes more than $100 billion in offline, receipt-level point-of-sale data.

The power of SwiftIQ’s nearly real-time data is used by leading brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, MarsWrigley, Hershey, and KraftHeinz. It’s also used by small and medium-sized retail chains, allowing companies of all sizes to make more tactical merchandising and marketing decisions efficiently.

Since the initial launch, SwiftIQ and Forte Group have forged a strategic partnership of more than five years. Both teams continue to improve the product, adding features while ensuring world-class quality and performance for the platform.

Powered by its robust platform, SwiftIQ is making retail smarter.

Increase in Clients Over Four Years

in Receipt-level Point-of-Sale Data

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