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Agile Unicorn has joined forces with Forte Group

Looking for Agile Unicorn? Well, we’ve combined forces with Forte Group, a full-spectrum software delivery partner.

I started Agile Unicorn in 2014 in part because I was frustrated with the IT consulting world. It was my belief, by bringing transparency, predictability, and quality to software delivery, we’d be able to better deliver value to organizations.

That’s still my belief. Since I joined Forte as partner and managing director in 2017, we’ve been able to realize the mission of Agile Unicorn, only at a larger scale. Let’s change the conversation in the consulting world. Let’s focus on valuable outcomes rather than the promise of a skill.  Today at Forte Group, that mission continues.

So, whether you’re looking to accelerate or evolve your engineering practice and adopt agile development metrics, we hope you’ll join us on that mission.

Let us know how we can be a resource for you. I’d love to connect, even if just to hear about what’s working and what isn’t in the space. You can get in touch with me by filling out our contact form below.

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Cornel (C.J.) Montano

by Cornel (C.J.) Montano

Nearly 20 years ago C.J. began developing and was hooked. Not necessarily on the art of software development, but the dynamic of the teams and processes that make or break projects. He has held leadership roles at some of Chicago’s most innovative tech companies and has launched various successful ventures of his own.

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