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We’re a Different Kind of AWS Partner

We’re not your typical AWS partner. We focus on measurable outcomes, not just technical deliverables. Other vendors provide you with completed projects and deliverables. We do that, too, but we go beyond the deliverable.

Our engagements are centered on measurable outcomes. We deliver high-quality solutions on-time, within the larger context of the business benefits you’ll achieve.

Outcomes we deliver using AWS

Need a partner to engineer Cloud solutions using AWS specific services such as: Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), etc.? Sure, we can help.

In every engagement, we work with you to identify and document quantifiable outcomes that benefit your business. We’ll assemble the teams, then architect the mix of AWS services used to deliver those outcomes.

How We Engage
Our engagements are outcome-focused. We build you an adaptive, operational platform to support your ever-changing product needs.
We understand that engineering Cloud-first solutions is an ever-changing effort and our service lines are built to support that.


Are your cloud costs growing faster than your client growth? We’ll define goals and benchmarks with you on how our services can deliver quantifiable savings in your AWS costs. Our service lines create incremental and iterative path to your measurable goals. These are not one-time cost savings, mind you, but continuous and sustainable savings. We can provide AWS cost attribution to products, groups or business units, to help you understand your business offerings’ true costs.


Are your engineers spending too much of their time managing Cloud infrastructure? Our model helps us understand the value offering of your platform to ensure DevOps built tooling is providing measurable services to your internal development group.
We leverage AWS solutions to save time in infrastructure management, so your engineers can focus on building the key services that run on top of it.


Looking to move your on-premises software to the Cloud? Rather than other vendors who focus solely on a “lift and shift” to the cloud, we re-imagine your product and re-platform it to make it more cost-effective, higher-performing and easier to maintain. The outcome is a win-win for your product.

Why We Shift Left on AWS

We employ a “shift left” approach for AWS solutions, using its automation and platform capabilities. We shift cloud design all the way left to the product development teams, to ensure your platform aligns with your product and operational goals.

Shifting left enables fast feedback cycles to allow testing, quality and performance evaluation to be a first-class citizen in the development process. By leveraging AWS for our shift left approach, we’re able to focus on delivering outcomes for you and worry less about infrastructure and tooling. We deliver best-fit solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

I were thoroughly impressed by Forte’s exceptional level of expertise and professionalism in AWS services. They provided invaluable assistance in building solutions that exhibits remarkable efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. I highly recommend Forte as an outstanding partner for anyone seeking guidance in developing optimal solutions with AWS.

– Sergey Ilin,
CTO Peeranha

Challenges we solve with AWS

DevOps practice

Platform and legacy
software modernization

Redefining your product
for the Cloud



Data consolidation and

AWS solutions

Our top technical skills

Build an easily scalable software product with easy deployment and version control

Deliver and launch your application despite tight deadlines and constantly shifting priorities

Define your migration strategy and move smoothly to AWS

Optimize the use of AWS according to the Well Architected Framework to improve security, resiliency, reliability, and reduce costs

Facilitate internal processes and customize workflows and accelerate time-to-market

Empower your teams to be more productive with user-friendly and streamlined UI

Forte’s AWS expertise in numbers

AWS Certifications
AWS Customer Launches
Databases deployed on AWS RDS service
Monitoring integrations with DataDog
Microservices implemented and deployed on AWS ECS and EKS

Forte’s AWS expertise in numbers

AWS Certifications
AWS Customer Launches
Databases deployed on AWS RDS service
Monitoring integrations with DataDog
Microservices implemented and deployed on AWS ECS and EKS

Customer success stories


The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the largest trade association representing boat, marine engine, and accessory manufacturers in the US and Canada. Its platform showed signs of age and was revamped completely to reduce administrative costs and better serve its customers.
Forte architected and built the application using microservices and deployed it on AWS using services such as ECS for containerized services, CloudWatch for monitoring, ECR to store docker images, EFS for shared logs storing, and RDS for the database.

  • Migration from a legacy system to a web-based application
  • in five months
  • Seamless integration with two back-end system
  • Implementation of an improved, automated data flow

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OppFi is a leading financial technology platform that empowers banks to help their customers have better access to credit. OppFi’s platform facilitates the installment loan products, OppLoans and SalaryTap. With Forte, OppFi added technical value by implementing microservices and integrations using several architecture patterns like DDD, Event Sourcing, and CQRS.
OppFi maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a 4.8/5 star rating with more than 14,000 online customer reviews, making it one of the top customer-rated financial platforms online.

  • 100% On-time delivery
  • 70% Unit test coverage
  • 400% Velocity improvement on DevOps tasks

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Lawyer Exchange

Lawyer Exchange is a revolutionary tool to connect lawyers and law firms more efficiently using technology. Forte built the application using a microservices architecture, which allows the product to scale up and down seamlessly and deployed on AWS using containers service such as ECS for containerized services, CloudWatch for monitoring, API Gateway for API REST for expose services, RDS for database, just to mention the main services.

  • 6 months from idea to launch
  • A scalable platform on microservices architecture
  • Seamless UI for in-app payments and reporting

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Spring, an HR solutions platform, sought to simplify HR and payroll processes in one seamless and easy-to-use platform. The company wanted to equip teams of all sizes with a tool that modernized how HR professionals pay, insure, and support their workforces.
Forte built the application using a microservices architecture, which allows the product to scale up and down seamlessly. Forte team deployed on AWS for containerized services and cost optimization, using various integrations for content delivery, redirection in case of failures, auto scaling, and monitoring for responding to traffic peaks.

  • 50 Product features and sub-features
  • 8 Months to MVP
  • 7 Custom business-related service integrations
  • 95% Average tests pass rate

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