With more of us staying home and working remotely, many organizations have seen their web traffic and application usage skyrocket. How should quality assurance strategies be adjusted to compensate for this shift in behavior?

We thought we’d reach out to a few QA and test automation experts to find out.

In this week’s Forte Connect, we’re joined by Lee Barnes, CTO of Utopia Solutions, a software quality and testing firm. Lee shares some insights on how organizations can respond to a heavy spike in load.

C.J. Montano, Partner and Managing Director at Forte Group, shares his thoughts on what organizations can do to scale their QA and testing practices quickly.

We also asked Kiersten Lyng, Senior Account Manager at Forte Group, how demand for QA support has changed, and how best to support shifting software delivery priorities.

Plus, we all share what hobbies we’ve picked up to keep us sane during the quarantine.

Watch our full conversation to know why QA is important to any project now:

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