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Client Referral Program

We have received many client referrals from empoloyees and former employees over the years. As a result, we have been connected to many great companies throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond. The efforts of many have helped us forge great relationships with our clients while also finding the best opportunities for our employees. Following are more details on how employees and former employees can be rewarded.

How the Program Works

  • If you hear about someone who is considering external help for finding development, testing, project management, or other IT talent or expertise, refer that person to us

  • If within six months from your referral, it leads to a consulting assignment/project for Forte Group, we will mail you a $5,000 check

  • With each additional, successful client referral you will receive another $5,000

  • Successful referrals usually come as a result of your interaction with your peers, recruiters, business partners, and personal network. A great referral for Forte Group is a mid-to-large enterprise that has large technology initiatives


  • Eligible referrals include a direct introduction (an email, including all parties, is best) to a potential client who has a need and is prepared to discuss it. Please provide the person’s name, organization, and contact information

  • Successful referrals are defined as companies that engage Forte Group in a local project/assignment for at least six months (or equivalent value)

  • Forte Group reserves the right to determine eligibility based on the company’s needs and business requirements

  • For each new client, a referral bonus is paid 90 days after the project begins

  • Active Forte Group clients are not eligible

  • This policy may be changed or terminated at any time at the company’s discretion

  • Any payments made under this program will be taxable income and subject to normal withholdings

Thank you for helping Forte Group earn the trust of new clients and bring interesting projects to our employees!