Is Oracle ATG Right for Your E-Commerce Business?

Today, in the conditions of fierce competition for customers’ loyalty and the ever-growing demands for improved service, communication, and digital experiences, businesses may be overwhelmed trying to keep up. Simply being present online is insufficient to be effective in attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. It is ensuring omnichannel business presence including brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, social and mobile commerce and seamless connection between these channels that can really win customers’ attention and loyalty and ensure further growth.

Many businesses recognizing this need are still held back by the technology behind their sales points. More and more integrations are necessary to provide top-level service, make the most out of all sales channels and cover all touchpoints with customers. E-commerce platforms lacking flexibility and scalability, and featuring poor integration capabilities limit business progress.

However, the software vendors recognize the need for sophisticated software that meets all the above requirements, Oracle ATG E-commerce platform being one of them.

What is Oracle ATG Commerce?

Oracle ATG Commerce is the innovative solution presenting a framework which is highly customizable and goes beyond being just an e-commerce platform. It features out-of-the-box omnichannel experiences management, easy and fast new websites launch, and business-user control is scalable and well adapted for integration with other products.
Basically, answering the question that may be already in your mind, “What does Oracle ATG do?” It helps businesses ensure relevant experiences to their customers at each touchpoint on their way towards the purchase.

How does Oracle ATG work?

Roughly speaking, Oracle ATG Web Commerce is made up of three platform layers. DAF (base one) provides the environment for component development. The Personalization module supports dynamically changing website content that allows managing user profiles, targeted emails, etc. The Scenarios module works to create campaigns for managing scenarios of customers’ interaction with the website content over specific time periods. This serves as a platform for numerous applications for business use, like Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising, Service Center, Business Intelligence, etc.

How much does Oracle ATG cost?

There can be no definite answer if you’re about to ask “How much does Oracle ATG cost?”. The point is, this platform is designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate various business demands. It has B2C and B2B modules to provide for different business models and has multiple solutions tailored for specific requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate clearly your needs and define the goals in order to receive a price quote from the Oracle sales team.

Who uses Oracle ATG platform?

According to stats from w3techs, it is used by a few high traffic websites. It is no wonder, since it is mostly targeted at enterprise size businesses using numerous sales channels and focused on incessant growth and improvements. Among over 700 leading companies who are Oracle ATG e-commerce customers there are renowned brands like Nike, Tesco, Walmart, Macy’s, JCPenney, CVS, BestBuy, Sephora, ASDA, etc.


If this software looks like the right solution for you, the list of questions that arise can be impressive, starting with, “How to install Oracle ATG?” or “How to learn Oracle ATG?” to “How to check Oracle ATG version?”  The platform creators have made solid documentation on the software that answers most of the questions to help users. Nevertheless, it is best to leave the job of Oracle e-commerce installing and configuring to professionals. For ultimate results and fruitful cooperation, define and clearly state ATG developer roles and responsibilities to find the best candidate or company for the job.

Closing remarks

Oracle ATG e-commerce platform is one of the few high-end solutions that cater for the sophisticated demands of today’s market, taking care of each aspect of an e-commerce customer’s purchase journey for the sake of driving more sales and ensuring outstanding buying experience. This, in its turn, leads to higher profits, deeper loyalty and turns customers into brand advocates, which essentially is what businesses are pursuing.

Dmitry Bogdanov

by Dmitry Bogdanov

Dmitry conducts e-commerce best practices to build strong and transparent relationships with Forte Group clients. He strives to evolve as a master of his own expertise and believes in a consistent management style that empowers everyone on the team to do their best work.

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