Like many of you, we are horrified and heartbroken by the violence and loss of life caused by the invasion of Ukraine. Forte Group wholeheartedly stands with Ukraine, our colleagues there, and their families.

For the past several weeks, we’ve monitored the acts of war waged on the people of Ukraine. Below are some of the actions we’ve taken as an organization to ensure that our people are safe and our delivery continuity remains intact.

  • Supporting our Ukrainian team: The safety of our employees in Ukraine has been our chief priority. As a result, we’ve supported employees with relocation and visa assistance throughout the past two weeks, providing cash stipends to more than 75 team members and their families moving to safer locations in Western Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.
  • Delivery continuity: All of our mission-critical client projects remain intact. To ensure that this continues, we have moved our Ukrainian base of operations to Western Ukraine and Poland. In addition, when team members have been unavailable due to relocation efforts, we have provided gap coverage out of our Latin America and U.S-based offices.
  • Enhanced security monitoring: All Forte hardware is encrypted and accounted for at this time. We have implemented around-the-clock, real-time auditing through remote monitoring and management tools. Every employee in Ukraine and Poland uses a remote desktop setup or VPN access to work with our client networks. We’ve also launched a dedicated incident response team to proactively monitor security protocols.
  • Critical response team: Our business continuity planning team continues to respond to the fluid situation in adherence to our business continuity plan. 
  • Support for those that have lost their jobs: We continue providing hybrid and remote job opportunities with relocation assistance. We are actively hiring QA analysts, software engineers, recruitment specialists, business analysts, product owners, human resource professionals, and more. If you or someone you know has been affected, you can browse open positions at Forte Careers or reach out to one of our talent acquisition specialists at for more information. 

The tenacity and stoicism of our Ukrainian colleagues remain strong. They refuse to allow these unspeakable acts of violence to deter their resolve, even while facing great adversity.

Our priority as an organization remains focused on keeping people as safe and supported as possible while keeping your critical software delivery initiatives operating smoothly.