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Forte Group provides stable and flexible
C/C++ software development services

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Forte Group development team provides a full-cycle C and C++ development services to build reliable and stable solution for your company. Having 17 years of experience in developing server-side agents, desktop, web, and mobile applications, we implement the latest technologies and best practices to accomplish your success-drive business solution.


Let us deliver your result-oriented solution based on C/C++ development that will suit your most sophisticated business requirements.

Cross-Platform Application Development

In order to generate maximum customers from your company product, let Forte Group C++ development team build a cross-platform solution. Your application will be consistent on all OS.

C++ Native Software Development

Forte Group can easily release your company product using native code, e.g. Windows, MacOS. and Linux application development.

High Performance Application Development

We develop robust object-oriented software that delivers flawless performance, security, and scalability of your business solution.


Check out Forte Group technological skills that comprise deep knowledge and experience in a great variety of applications servers, components, frameworks, databases.


  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Mac OS

  • iOS

  • Android


  • RPC

  • COM

  • DCOM

  • ActiveX

  • OLE


  • MSMQ


  • ADO

  • CDO


  • IPv4

  • IPv6

  • TCP

  • UDP


  • FTP

  • Email

  • LDAP

  • SSH


  • SSO

  • OAuth

  • PKI

  • X.509

  • CryptoAPI (CAPI)

  • OpenSSL

Libraries / Frameworks

  • STL/ STLport

  • Boost


  • Trolltech Qt

  • X11/ Motif

  • Carbon/ wxWidgets

  • GTK+/ Win API

  • Cocoa/ Cocoa Touch


  • OpenGL/ OpenAL


  • MS SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • DB/2

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • SQLite

  • BerkleyDB

Compilers / IDE

  • MS C/C++ Compiler


  • Clang

  • Intel C/C++ Compiler

  • XCode

  • Eclipse

  • Emacs

Why Us

Forte Group shapes the development of your success. Check out how we act to make you reach the exponential business growth.

Dedicated C/C++ Developers

Get your outsource C/C++ development team who caters to your specific business needs. We do care about best value delivery, comprehensive solution.

Risk Management

We adopt continuous integration, expose technical debt, and do our best to avoid any quality risk. Forte Group development team knows the difference between “right” and “effective.”

Developer Agility

We take care of discovering your value proposition, roadmaps, and ensure that team communication, task assignment, reporting process are designed to achieve company success.


We deliver A-level solutions to our clients in e-commerce, finance, education management, and healthcare and other industries. Check out a few of our case studies

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