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Expert Product Management
Services to Conceive And
Deliver Your Next Great Product

Forte Group’s product management services accelerate innovation for measurable business outcomes in production. We help you define your product vision, develop a strategic roadmap and execute every stage of the product life cycle.

“I have a well-defined problem and need resources and expertise to design, develop and deliver software solutions”

“I need help refining my problem and/or creating software for an entirely new revenue stream (ie a new product)”

“I need help understanding my users, improving my UI/UX design, and/or rapid software prototyping”

Managed Product Team

To achieve your desired business outcomes, our Managed Product Teams provide fully cross-functional development capacity, to foster better business results, by leveraging Forte Product Resources as an embedded extension of your own product team.  


You’ve identified opportunities in the market, but need help conceiving and building a software product to address those opportunities. We provide product resources and expertise to conceive and define your product, as well as a delivery team to build, launch and evolve it. The same Forte product resource then leads your Forte team, to assure fidelity in delivery. 

UI/UX Design
& UX Research

You need help with UI/UX design, UX research and rapid prototyping. Whether embedded on a Forte team, or as part of a consulting project, we provide design and research resources and expertise to achieve your desired outcomes. We follow Lean UX Design and Design Thinking patterns.

Managed Product Team

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Managed Product Team is a Forte-provided product resource to help lead your Forte-provided engineering squads. (This differs from our other popular engagement model where the product resource is a member of your own team.)

Managed Product Team is more empowered to make product decisions throughout the day, leading to greater agility and a continuous focus on business outcomes.  We build Client trust through collaboration, transparency, and business results. We’ve spent years perfecting development practices to assure alignment with your product vision and business goals. Each Forte team is built to your specific needs, using our proven agile product development and lean UX design methods. 

Included with Managed Product Team

Product Consulting

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Our Product Consulting offering accelerates the process of helping your organization define “value,” so you can start building software to realize that value. The same product experts leading the definition of “value” become part of the delivery team to execute on the vision.  Our consulting draws upon an entire Product Management Toolkit, built from over 20 years hands-on experience bringing over $500M new revenue streams to market and from work co-authoring the popular Kellogg MBA Course, “Product Management for Technology Companies”. 

Included with Product Consulting

UI/UX Design & UX Research

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Our UI/UX Design and UX Research practice compliments our Product and Delivery with the resources and expertise to gain a detailed understanding of user’s needs, rapidly build prototypes, and iterate to assure that these needs are successfully addressed in elegant software.  Because of this, UI/UX Designers can be a valuable addition to your Managed Product Team.  Our Design resources can also be utilized on a Consulting (project) basis, to address specific business goals.  One popular project is to pair a UI/UX Designer, with UX Research and a senior Product Consultant to execute an Opportunity Analysis, where you’ve identified your target market and want to use Lean UX Design and/or Design Thinking methods with rapid prototyping to define the best solution to address your target market needs.  These same resources then work as part of a Forte engineering squad to efficiently turn your prototype into working software.

Your biggest engineering cost is working on the wrong things.  Forte’s Opportunity Analysis + Rapid Prototyping is the best way to assure your product meets market needs, prior to spending any money on engineering.   

Included with UI/UX Design & UX Research

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