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Product Consulting

Whether it’s identifying A multi-million dollar product opportunity or
getting more value from your outsourced engineering teams, we help You
uncover, define and realize more value from your product and design.

Scrum’s Outer Loop: The Discovery Sprint

This service offering is provided at no additional cost to our Managed Product clients.
It is not available for purchase separately. 

The Discovery Sprint is similar to our Discovery process, used for on-going engagements.  See figure below.

Product Management Consulting

While each product management consulting project is unique, we have common product management consulting offerings that leverage our best practices and are well suited for mid-market organizations.

These services include:

Three-week Product Management Process
and Organizational Evaluation

Our Director of Product Management will evaluate your organization’s practices and staff and provide recommendations. 

Product Opportunity Analysis
(Jobs to be Done Analysis)

Our streamlined version of the brilliant work of Tony Ulwick and Clayton Christensen unambiguously uncovers and prioritizes customer needs for your target market. 

Workflow Analysis
and Documentation

We evaluate your workflow and documentation using Lucid Charts, Miro and related tools. We link our workflows to systems diagrams and other business documentation, to foster cross-functional collaboration.

Ecosystem of Product Roles and

This is our framework for scaled agile – the definition of all the roles and responsibilities for jobs outside the Scrum-defined roles. It is useful for larger organizations undergoing challenges rolling out scaled agile.

Consulting Sprints

We leverage our agile methodology to deliver output every two weeks. This provides concrete client value increments, obtains feedback early and iterates on client deliverables. 

Value Assessment Consulting


The purpose of this offering is defining and measuring delivered value. We define “value” as “solving critical unaddressed problems for target user personas that achieve desired business outcomes as measured by defined success metrics.”

This offering establishes the product analytics infrastructure to define and measure the delivered value from your software delivery teams.

There are four phases of Value Assessment Consulting engagements.

Value Assessment Consulting Within a Forte Delivery 

Forte will provide Value Assessment Consulting as an extension of our Managed Services. The consulting is incorporated into existing sprint cycles.

  • Case 1: Temporarily add 1-2 Value Assessment Resource(s) to existing delivery teams. This will have minimal impact on the team’s velocity and will add additional costs for the period the additional resources work on the project.
  • Case 2: Use existing team resources. Alternatively you can utilize existing delivery capacity for Value Assessment Consulting, provided the skills exist on the team. There is no additional cost, although there is an opportunity since the delivery team will spend some sprints working on Value Assessment (vs. feature development or other items).

Value Assessment Consulting (Standalone)

We will evaluate your existing Value Assessment infrastructure and processes and provide a recommendation. This offering uses our Product Management and DevOps engineering expertise in partnership with DataDog.

  • The stand-alone Value Assessment Consulting engagement is executed as consulting sprints, with specifics to be defined based on your unique needs.