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Quality Assurance And Testing For SwiftIQ.

Gaining Quality Perfection in Your In-Store Marketing


With the e-commerce market booming, more and more store owners are requiring precise data analytics to swiftly adjust to customers behavior. With this end of view, SwiftIQ is a software platform that enables its users to get the predictive data analysis. This solution unifies and analyzes data from in-store transactions as well as from online customer behavior to predict category captains, shopper marketing, assortment, supply chain and content delivery decisions.

SwiftIQ contacted Forte Group with a request to provide QA and testing services for their category captains and consumer behavioral analytics platform.

Business Goals and Objectives

  • Meet quality standards

  • Improve business intelligence

  • Achieve outstanding level of software development

  • Attract new clients


As far as SwiftIQ deals with billions of transaction records and converts them into on-demand mobile visualizations, attributes, dayparts to foster advanced retailers and suppliers collaboration, Forte Group faces the following challenges:

  • Ascertain the validity of data and its relevance

  • Usability Testing

  • Validate software load performance

  • Security Testing


Getting straight to the point, Forte Group put the following plan into quality assurance and testing approaches:

Data-Centric Testing

To ensure that valid and correct data is in the system and fulfills business requirements

Report Testing

To verify the software functionality. This approach includes testing of different data sets as well as usability testing.

Load/Performance Testing

To validate the performance and scalability of the system under high loads.

Security Testing

To ensure customers data confidentiality and protection.


As of now SwiftIQ analyzes over $40 billion in offline, receipt-level point of sale data. The company serves 5 of the global leading category suppliers and several billion-dollar retailers.

SwiftIQ, named a Top Innovator twice by DataWeek, has also been recognized by Gartner, Forrester, Forbes, NACS, ProgressiveGrocer and ComputerWorld for its achievements. SwiftIQ was selected as one of 5 finalists for Outstanding Technology Development for the annual ITA Citylights awards out of 600 companies that applied.

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