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Pre-Launch Testing for a Large E-Commerce Store

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These days, Serta Simmons Bedding, LCC, the largest manufacturer and distributor of mattresses in the United States, launched a new company called Tomorrow Sleep that is a great solution to get the high quality sleep products via a direct-to-consumer way – online store. In order to provide excellent user experience, Serta Simmons Bedding applied to Forte Group Quality Assurance and Testing Team to perform pre-launch testing and perfect the Tomorrow Sleep shopping workflow

Business Goals And Objectives

  • Provide a bug-free user experience

  • Make sure that the online store works properly under a heavy number of concurrent customers

  • Ensure e-store functionality and usability


Forte Team performed both automated and manual testing for Tomorrow Sleep online shop to meet all client’s requirements within short space of time. In order to get prepared to e-shop release, we identified and implemented the following quality assistance control:

Load Testing: E-Commerce Website Performance

Serta Simmons Bedding applied to us with the certain estimation of anticipated number of users who will use the website in real-time. Consequently, our QA team has conducted a performance testing to check out if the e-commerce solution can stand the overload and meet the client’s expectation.

QA assistant has decided to use Apache JMeter to perform the load testing. JMeter is an open source performance testing tool that provides great scripting and protocol coverage and allows to create and simulate the real user behavior. QA Assistant has created a few functional scenarios that covered each and every aspect of user workflow, like registration, login, adding products to the cart, proceeding with the payment, etc. 

After the first load testing, we figured out that the current state of e-commerce website couldn’t stand an expected number of users. The e-store didn’t work properly even when 10% of anticipated users were loading the website. 

Forte Group QA assistant passed the list of bottlenecks to the development team of Tomorrow Sleep. The result of this performance testing allowed to make required improvements, reduce bottlenecks, and increase e-commerce website performance.  

The last loading test showed the significant improvement in website performance – an anticipated number of users were increased tenfold.  

Functional Testing: Test Cases For E-Commerce Website

Also, Forte Group QA and Testing Team adopted a functional testing to ensure Tomorrow Sleep online store meets the requirements and customer expectations. In order to ensure effective delivery of e-commerce website, we have created multiple test cases to check out all the features and functions working correctly.

Due to the fact that the functional testing report was complete in a speed fashion by QA and Testing Team, Tomorrow Sleep developers have made the bug-fixes and improvements strictly adhering to deadlines.

All in all, Forte Group Team has increased the test coverage of Tomorrow Sleep e-commerce website by 30%. 


Ultimately, Serta Simmons Bedding has released their Tomorrow Sleep online store according to the plan, offering their customers advanced solution to get the high quality sleep products in a simple and transparent way.

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