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Oracle ATG Web Commerce Software Development


The Client is a customer identity data management company that enables companies to learn who their customers are and build better relationships with them.  

Forte Group’s goal was to develop a new customer profile management web service designed to improve personalized e-marketing and social media integration. The Client needed to create a single access point to the e-commerce site (or system of sites) and over 30 social media sites from all devices.

Business Goals And Objectives

  • Develop portfolio management tool for e-commerce

  • Improve marketing perspective

  • Provide service operation on all devices


Forte Group teamed up with the Client’s experts and implemented an advanced portfolio management tool for e-commerce. This included the development of numerous tools that integrate over 30 social networking sites into the e-commerce site and collect users’ information published in their social profiles. Based on the analysis of the collected information, the Client can deliver targeted information to each user. The service can operate on a single site or within the Client’s entire ecosystem consisting of many sites including sites of their partners’.

The portfolio of tools includes Social Login, Single Sign-On, and targeted content delivery. The targeted content delivery tool uses all information received from social profiles and tracking systems and provides more relevant content to the users based on their interests and statistics.   

This web service operates on all devices – PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. An instant recognition tool provides an immediate login for users registered within multi-site systems or within a partner site network.


Developed solutions meet the current need for deep integration between the e-commerce portals, social media sites, and different viewing devices. Using this single access point, the user receives a better experience which results in recurring purchases and increased sales.

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