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Oracle ATG E-Commerce Development

For Handcrafted Hardware



The retail industry nowadays presents a different value proposition. Focusing on personalized approaches, customized offerings, available both in-store and online products presentation, modern consumer counts on sufficient variety of products, relevant support, and prompt delivery.

To meet consumers requirements, a premier maker of handcrafted hardware in the United States appealed to Forte Group Dedicated Team. Possessing an online gallery with over 300,000 decorative products, the Client aimed to improve customer workflow and user experience throughout the online store.

Business Goals And Objectives

  • Improve online marketing

  • Enhance customer experience throughout the website

  • Integrate live chat support

  • Create UX website design

  • Provide quality assurance and testing services


ATG E-Commerce Development

Initially, Forte Group developed a B2B and B2C system of applications that is based on the Oracle ATG e-commerce platform,. The system covers over 300,000 products, serves multiple suppliers and warehouses. Apart from these, it allows to manage delivery, loyalty programs, as well as handle the promotions.

UX Web Store Design

Forte Group UX designers developed intuitive navigation throughout the website. Also, the end user can contact the Client’s support team via live chat to get the assistance during the purchase. The real-time support helps to make the right selection of the product quality and material. At the time of the purchase, the customer is given a shipping service order and tracking number.


Forte Group development team made it possible to provide online store administrator with a single access point to search and filter a large volume of data. The system also allows peculiar configuration changes for the selected sub-sites or a specific group of users, depending on the objectives of a promotional campaign or specific location of the user.

E-Commerce Quality Assurance And Testing

The process of ATG e-commerce platform development was accompanied with the instant quality assurance and testing.


The e-commerce solution delivered by Forte Group moved the Client’s customers to a unified ATG platform that allowed them to take full advantage of all online services – convenient catalog, live support, and payment and delivery tools. The final product was secure, easy to maintain and able to perform well under heavy traffic. Targeted promotions and effective loyalty programs helped increase the ROI and customer loyalty. The Client’s website has recently received many awards in their niche.

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